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Open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission: $14 Adult | $8 Child

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Open 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Admission: $14 Adult | $8 Child

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Zoo Tots & Zoo Tots Cooking

Zoo Tots & Zoo Tots Cooking

Zoo Tots & Zoo Tots Cooking classes have returned for Spring, 2017!

These classes are designed for children ages 2-4 yrs with an accompanying adult.

Zoo Tots Classes

Join your favorite furry, feathery, slimy, and fuzzy animal friends in an exciting, hands-on adventure during which we will read books, make crafts, create animal-themed snacks, enjoy visits from live animals, participate in educational activities and free play, and explore the zoo.  Classes last a little over an hour and are held alternating Wednesdays through Saturdays.  Times vary and are included on the registration page. 

Zoo Tots Cooking

Don’t miss out on these exciting cooking lessons right here at the Zoo with all of your animal friends.  Each week, you and your toddler will make a creative, tasty treat and participate in fun activities.  These classes also include stories, activities, zoo exploration, and crafts.  These classes are held alternating Thursday and Fridays at 10:00 a.m.. and last a little over an hour

Class Details

All Zoo Tots and Zoo Tots Cooking classes are approximately 1 hr and 15 min. in length and are available for two to four year olds with an accompanying adult. 

The regular cost to enroll you and your child in a class is $16.00 and includes admission to the Zoo for the day. Blank Park Zoo members enjoy a discounted rate of $10.  

Classes are the same during each theme week, so please register for only one class per week. 

Registration and pre-payment are required. 

Zoo Tots Class Details

Hibernation Station - Jan. 11 - 14
Bundle up and make your way to the zoo to learn about some animals that prefer to hideaway during the winter to avoid the ice, snow, and scarce food supply!

Stripes, Spots, & Polka Dots - Jan. 25 - 28
Those beautiful colors aren’t just for show!  Many animals have these patterns for very important reasons. During this class, kids will learn why Zebras need their stripes and fawns are much safer with spots.

Love Birds - Feb. 8 - 11
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we will talk about animal pairs and how they care for their young.

Rodents Rock! - Feb. 22 - 25
Squirrels, Porcupines, Beavers, Rats, Chipmunks….join us to discover what all these animals have in common.  That teeny tiny little mouse scurrying across the room isn’t the only rodent around!

Beneath our Feet - Mar. 8 - 11
Ever wonder what animals are lurking underground?  A hole is a great place for animals to hide and build a home!  Today we will discover critters that make their way through the dirt and sand.

Whose Nest? - Mar. 22 - 25
Birds aren’t the only ones who make nests…And, nests can be found other places than just trees!  Kids will discover different types of nests, how they are made, and why they make great homes.

Animal Eggstravaganza - Apr. 5 - 8
Of course we know birds lay eggs, but today we will discover many other types of egg-laying creatures – some of which lay eggs by the thousands!

See You Later, Alligator‚Äč - Apr. 19 - 22
Did you know alligators make great moms, protecting their hatchlings in the nest?  In today’s class, children will discover the amazing life of a gator!


Zoo Tots Cooking Class Details

Hot Dog Ferrets - Jan. 19 - 20
Today we will transform hot dog rolls into the perfect ferret!  While making this tasty childhood snack, children will discover why ferrets have such a slender body and other fun facts about these clever creatures. 

Beach Crawlers - Feb. 2 - 3
Let’s escape that winter chill by heading to the beach!  We will make a crab cupcake and discover some of the creatures that enjoy scurrying along the water’s edge.  

Hedgehog Rolls - Feb. 16 - 17
You will never look at a baked roll quite the same after this week’s class.  We will transform dough into a prickly hedgehog and bake it until it is golden brown.

Snail Sandwich Wrap - Mar. 2 - 3
This isn’t your traditional turkey wrap.  When we are all finished with our creation, we will be eating SNAILS!  Although our snails aren’t real, we will learn about animals that do love to eat the real thing for a tasty treat.  Veggie wraps will be an option.

Purrrrrrfect Pizza - Mar. 16 - 17
Come join us as we learn about the zoo’s big cats and make a pizza with whiskers and pointy ears!

Bald Eagle Treat - Mar. 30 - 31
During this class, we will make a beautiful bald eagle out of cookies, candies, and coconut!  Visit the zoo’s two bald eagles and learn about these amazing creatures that are a proud symbol for our country.  

Rabbit Cookies - Apr. 13 - 14
Hop on over because today we are frosting cookies and making sugary sweet bunnies!  Through some fun activities, children will discover why rabbits have such tall ears and large back feet.  

Twisty Tails - Apr. 27 - 28
Join us as we discover why some animals have tails!  We will make our own tasty tails out of chocolate covered bananas and crumbly toppings.  

* Wheat products and gluten ingredients will be used in these classes

Classes fill quickly, so don’t forget to register early!

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If a class is sold out and you wish to be added to a waiting list please call 515-974-2556.

If you have any questions regarding classes or registration, please email or call 515-974-2556.

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