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Blank Park Zoo Conservation Committee
Blank Park Zoo Conservation Committee, founded in 1997, is comprised of Blank Park Zoo employees and volunteers working to raise awareness, incite action, and increase responsibility for our natural world both locally and globally. 

Coins for Conservation
Every visit to Blank Park Zoo helps a conservation of your choice. Learn how to choose by clicking here.

Learn about what you can do to help save pollinators by starting your own butterfly garden.

Wildlife Conservation Series
Learn about conservation of animals in the wild and help raise money to support this important work.

Species Survival Plans
The Blank Park Zoo currently participates in seven endangered species breeding programs in cooperation with other AZA accredited institutions.

What can I do at home to promote conservation?

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary & Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT)
Learn about how this organization is helping the chimpanzee and how you can help. 

Cameras 4 Conservation
Did you know your trail camera can help save clouded leopards in Southeast Asia? Click here to find out how!

Green Team
The Blank Park Zoo’s Green Team is dedicated to reducing the impact the Zoo’s daily operations has on the environment

Local Conservation Outreach
The Wild Bunch Team, consist of zoo staff & community volunteers, who work with local conservation organizations to develop and take action in our local community. 

Recycling with Worms
The Blank Park Zoo recycles waste with worms, and you reduce landfill waste by doing this too!

Seafood Watch
Learn how your seafood choices effect the environment.

Prairie Chicken Blog
As part of Coins for Conservation, the Blank Park Zoo, in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is helping the Prairie Chicken make a comeback.

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