Construction Update - Blank Park Zoo

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The Blank Park Zoo currently has a few construction projects in the works to enhance the visitor experience. Click on a specific area below and watch the progress! 

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Africa Expansion
The new Jamaa Kwa Africa exhibit is now open at Blank Park Zoo!

Japanese Macaques
The Japanese macaque exhibit has been renovated and features a walk-in log for up close viewing!

The new David Kruidenier Australia Adventure is now open at Blank Park Zoo!

Sea Lion Pool
The new Rocky Shores Seal & Sea Lion pool is completed and now open.

Hands-On Interactives
This includes the completed great cats kiosks and other hands-on interactives!

Animal Holding
An animal holding facility is being constructed. Construction is taking place 'behind the scenes' and will not interfere with the visitor experience. 

Park Entrance
Blank Park is being reconstructed to include a new park, entrance to Blank Park Zoo and an animal exhibit.

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