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Zoo Tots & Zoo Tots Cooking classes have returned for Spring, 2016!

These classes are designed for children ages 2-4 yrs with an accompanying adult.

Zoo Tots Classes
Join your favorite furry, feathery, slimy, and fuzzy animal friends in an exciting, hands-on adventure during which we will read books, make crafts, create animal-themed snacks, enjoy visits from live animals, participate in educational activities and free play, and explore the zoo.  Classes will be held from 10:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m. on alternating Wednesdays through Saturdays. 

Zoo Tots Cooking
Don’t miss out on these exciting cooking lessons right here at the Zoo with all of your animal friends.  Each week, you and your toddler will make a creative, tasty treat and participate in fun activities.  These classes also include stories, activities, zoo exploration, and crafts and are held from 10:00-11:15 a.m. and 2:00-3:15 p.m. on alternating Fridays.  

Class Details
All Zoo Tots and Zoo Tots Cooking classes are approximately 1 hr and 15 min. in length and are available for two to four year olds with an accompanying adult. 

The regular cost to enroll you and your child in a class is $16.00 and includes admission to the Zoo for the day. Blank Park Zoo members enjoy a discounted rate of $10.  

Classes are the same during each theme week, so please register for only one class per week. 

Registration and pre-payment are required. 

Zoo Tots Class Details Spring 2016
Themes Dates Class Description
Rainforests Rock! Jan. 13-16 Let’s visit the rainforest and discover the many different sights and sounds there!  Up high in the sky or beneath our feet, creatures can be found everywhere in the rainforest!
Penguin Parade Jan. 27-30 Waddle on over to the zoo and take a leap below the surface, where you will find these lively black and white birds flashing through the water.  We will discover why they are so fast out at sea, how they hunt and take care of their babies, and many other neat adaptations of these amazing birds!
Sweets for Beasts Feb. 10-13 In the wild, many animals spend their days actively searching for food, shelter, and water.  The animals at the zoo need ways to keep busy too!  In this class, we will learn about how zookeepers enrich the lives of the animals that live here. 
Chomp, Gulp, Crunch! Feb. 24-27 Animals eat so many different kinds of things!  Let’s discover the necessary tools animals have to help them crack, tear, or swallow their food!
Tail Talk Mar. 9-12 Big, small, fluffy, or bare, tails come in all sorts or shapes, sizes, and textures.  In this class we will learn why tails are made the way they are and how animals use them!
Little Armored One Mar. 23-26 Did you know armadillos have their very own built-in shield for safety?  Let’s discover the many tools animals have to keep safe out in the wild!
Frog Friends Apr. 6-9 From tadpoles wiggling in the water to frogs leaping between lily pads, kids will discover so many fun things about these slimy amphibians!
Ocean Mania Apr. 20-23 What can we find in the mysterious world below the water’s surface?  Creatures big and small lurk in this vast habitat, and through the activities in this class, we will become more familiar with marine animals.     


Zoo Tots Cooking Class Details Spring 2016
Themes Dates Description
Tasty Turtles Jan. 22 Gummy snacks help turn your cupcake into a swimming sea turtle.  You can enjoy these colorful, creative, chewy treats while learning about animals that live in the ocean!
Critter Trail Mix Feb. 5 Trail mix is a great snack when we’re exploring the woods where our animal friends live.  Use various sweet and salty snacks to create your own, unique trail mix!
Arctic Ice Cream Treat Feb. 19 Find out what life is like in the Arctic and create a tasty Polar Bear treat out of candy, cookies, and ICE CREAM!
Crocomole Mar. 4 Holy moly, we love guacamole!  This fun snack will turn an everyday avocado into a cute and yummy crocodile.  Come snack on chips and dip and discover why crocodiles have such sharp teeth and scaly skin!  
Crescent Roll Carrots Mar. 18 So many animals love carrots for a midday snack.  We’ll make a unique carrot treat by turning our crescent rolls orange!
Beaver Breakfast Apr. 1 These breakfast foods combine to make the cutest, most delicious beaver you’ve ever seen.  Bonus – this beaver swims in syrup!
Animal Track Cookie Apr. 15 Explore footprints with these fun cookies!  Frosting and sprinkles help make the grass and mud where we find animal footprints.
Tiger Tails Apr. 29 Marshmallows make these tiger tail treats extra sweet.  Join us as we explore animal patterns and why they are important.  You can’t have a marshmallow tail without chocolate frosting stripes!

* Wheat products and gluten ingredients will be used in these classes.

Classes fill quickly, so don’t forget to register early! 

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If you have any questions regarding classes or registration, please email info@blankparkzoo.com or call 515-974-2588.


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