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Ruby Reads!
September through April we will be offering Ruby Reads! programs.  Ruby is our reading red panda here at Blank Park Zoo and she LOVES to read. Book a program to bring Ruby the red panda and three of her live animal friends to your library.  We will read a story, meet the animals, and a do a short activity.

Programs are geared toward ages 2-4 and last about 40 minutes.  Please limit programs to ~25 children. 

Cost is $90 for one program or $150 for two back to back programs (mileage charges apply for facilities over 35 miles from the zoo).

To book a Ruby Reads! program, contact Samantha Dunn at (515) 974-2559 or

“Hi! I’m Ruby Red Panda and I LOVE to read! I was born in the bamboo forests of Asia. Since I was a little cub, I’ve always loved to read. Reading has helped me learn all about animals and make lots of animal friends from all over the world! When I’m not reading, I enjoy climbing in the trees and snacking on bamboo. Follow me on Facebook to see which new book I’m reading and learn all about my animal friends. I’d love to visit your library and read along with you!” 


Summer 2016

Encourage children's imaginations to come alive by inviting some real animals to your library this summer.  All programs are approximately 45 minutes in length and include four live animals.  Each program is $90 plus mileage for libraries over 35 miles from the zoo.  We encourage libraries in the same area to coordinate dates and times so mileage charges can be split.  We are happy to visit three facilities on a trip and travel the entire state of Iowa!

Programs for Summer 2016:

Show and Tell
Ignite the audience’s curiosity with this traditional live animal program. The Show and Tell program is designed to accommodate a large audience of all ages and features four live animals to share during an interactive presentation. Children will be encouraged to answer thought-provoking questions about the animals and will have the opportunity to ask questions of their own.

Go Team!
It’s game day! Will you be rooting for the Bears? The Hawks? The Lions? The Tigers? Many sports teams are named after large and intimidating animals, but why not an armadillo, a hedgehog, or a chicken? These small and unassuming animals would make an excellent mascot for any team!  Learn about the adaptations of four of our education animals that would make them a great mascot for any swimming, sprinting, or wrestling team.

Animal Athletes
We always enjoy watching countries compete in the Olympics, but what if animals had their own Olympics? Which animals would be best at the high jump? Which ones would excel in swimming?  Who would take the gold in gymnastics? Ponder these fun scenarios with a zoo educator and four live animals from our education department.

Ruby Reads!
You’ve probably seen the red pandas at the zoo, but have you met Ruby the red panda yet? Ruby is a very special red panda – she loves to read!  Join Ruby for one of her favorite stories and meet some of her animal friends from Blank Park Zoo during this fun and interactive program geared toward ages 2-4. 

Special for SRP:  Book two back to back half hour Ruby programs for $90!

To book a summer program, contact Samantha Dunn at (515) 974-2559 or

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