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Enhance your trip to the Blank Park Zoo with these helpful resources.

Tracks to the Zoo
This booklet contains a vast amount of information. It provides facts on all our animals and details and tips in making your trip succesful.  Download it here. 
The Blank Park Zoo has developed The Learning Environmental Action Program (L.E.A.P.) with the Des Moines area Boys & Girls Clubs after school students. L.E.A.P. focuses on educating students, teachers, and the public about wetlands and native Iowa amphibians. The Boys & Girls Clubs participants researched local wetlands and Iowa amphibians and used that information to make improvements on a small wetland area at Blank Park Zoo. This area is being monitored for amphibian life forms as well as other wildlife use. We planted vegetation around the perimeter of the wetland area to provide food, shelter, and hiding for the existing wildlife and draw more wildlife to the area.
Click here for a brochure highlighting native Iowa wetlands and amphibians designed by the Boys & Girls Club of Central Iowa.

Click here to find out what is a wetland?

Click here for a list of Iowa's Native Amphibians.


Lesson Plans for teachers

The zoo was pround to host the Wonders of Water teacher workshop.  It was a part of the Learning Environments Action Program (LEAP) funded in part by REAP-CBP.  Workshop attendants created lesson plans to be used as a resourse for others.

Lesson Plans for Multiple Grade Levels

Lesson Plans for Kindergarten

Lesson Plans for 1st Grade

Lesson Plans for 5th Grade

Lesson Plans for 7th Grade

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