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Lesson Plan 1

By: Terri Tobey

Skill:  sorting and classifying
-Non-fiction books about salt water and fresh water creatures
-Chart paper
-Teacher made checklist of salt water and fresh water creatures
-1st grade writing paper
-Teacher made assessment
  1. Read non-fiction books about fresh water and salt water creatures.
  2. Create a ven-diagram to show similarities and differences, and animals that could live in both habitats
  3. Check list of salt water and fresh water. Students check off as they see them in the Discovery Center.
  4. Writing Activity: Student will write about their favorite salt water or fresh water creature and tell what they like about it- or why they found it interesting.
Assessment: Teacher prepared cut and paste activity where students will classify given creatures as salt water or fresh water.
Lesson Plan 2  (Possible Earth Day Activity)
By: Terri Tobey
Skills: Identify affects of pollution caused by humans and industry, identify ways individuals can make a difference in their everyday
-Literature, photos and age appropriate videos of the affects of pollution by people and industry
-Oil Spill in a Bottle activity
  1. Share with students, literature, photos, age level appropriate videos of the affects of pollution by people and industry (examples of littering or oil spills, etc.)
  2. Demonstrate by using “Oil Spill in a Bottle” activity to show students what happens when oil spills occur and how it affects many living plants and animals that use the ocean.
Assessment:  Students will draw their favorite ocean plant or animal and tell how pollution could harm it.  Students will write and share at least one way that they can make a difference by changing something they do or don’t do in their everyday lives.
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