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Lesson Plan 1

By: Barb Tunell

Skills: Learn about different animals that live in the ocean
-Content frame with 3 categories: mammals, fish, crustaceous
  1. Create a content frame for animals that live in the ocean. You need 3 categories- mammals, fish, crustaceous.
  2. Find at least 2 different animals that fit into each of the three categories. Then decide on at least three different types of information to learn about each animal. (Example of table with possible categories of information on written copy)
  3. Research the animals and find the information for your content frame. Share and edit content frame with a partner.
Assessment: Author an eight-page book with the information from your content frame.
Lesson Plan 2
By: Joan Johnston
Skills: Students will understand marshes and swamps and their differences.
-Description of marsh and swamp (DNR)
-Large easel paper
-Crayons or markers
-Venn Diagram
  1. Teacher will distribute descriptions of marsh and swamp, read and discuss with class, predict how these aquatic areas may be beneficial.
  2. Organize students in pairs
  3. Distribute one easel paper to each pair. Distribute markers and crayons.
  4. Divide paper in half (hamburger style). Label top have marsh, bottom half swamp.
  5. Each pair will draw a marsh and swamp according to the written description
  6. Share and discuss drawings
Assessment: Students will create Venn diagram comparing/ contrasting marshes and swamps.
Lesson Plan 3
By: Barb Tunell
Skills: Graphing, figuring percentages, and writing story problems
-Colored pencils
  1. Students will need to work in teams of three or four
  2. Decide on a way to classify the different kinds of fish in the Coral Reef, Example: Size, shape, color, kind, pattern
  3. Count and record the number of fish within each classification
  4. Create a graph to represent the different types of fish within your classification (Picture, pie, bar or line graph may be used)
  5. Figure the percentage of the total population for each classification within the coral reef.
Assessment: Trade graphs with another group. Each group will need to write two story problems using the data from the graph. Trade story problems and graphs- solve the problems and have the author group check your work.
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