7th Grade Lesson Plans - Blank Park Zoo

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Lesson Plan 1

By: Beth Krogh

Skills:  Identification and classification
-Jellyfish on exhibit at zoo
-Handout: Jellyfish Exhibit
        -Kingdom: Animalia
        -Phylum: Cnidarian
        -Class: Jellyfish
        -What makes a jellyfish a living organism?
        -Follow the movement of one jellyfish for one minute. Trace the path it takes over two minutes.
        -How fast do you think the jellyfish travels in one minute? You will need to estimate the distance travelled in one minute in meters.
                  -Velocity or speed = distance(meters)/time(seconds)
        -Draw a picture of a jellyfish.
        -Describe the motion of a jellyfish.
  1. Students will have prior knowledge of the classification system. The different phylums of animals, examples of animals and characteristics of living things as well as animal groups.
  2. Zoo Field Experience- visit the jellyfish exhibit
  3. Students will fill out handout as part of zoo experience.
Assessment:  Informal evaluation: students will share information in the classroom back at school orally.
Lesson Plan 2
By: Peggy Owens
 Skills: research, drawing presentations
-Fact sheet given by teacher
-Resources found
-Information from zoo trip
-Science packet given during zoo trip
  1. Boys will prepare facts about male sea horses.
  2. Girls will prepare facts about female sea horses.
  3. Habitat, What they eat, size (male/female), who carries babies?, how many babies?, how many survive?
  4. Draw a diagram using these facts
  5. Draw a picture of the different size sea horses (male vs. female)
 Assessment: Students will share their findings with the class
Lesson Plan 3
By: Beth Reogh
Skills: animal classification, recognizing adaptations and differences in animals, and identifying habitats
-Reading on reptile characteristics, Order of reptiles and differences between crocodiles and alligators
-Pictures of Crocodiles/ Alligators
-Zoo Exhibit of Caiman
-Activity Sheet for Zoo
1.      Before attending the zoo do pre-reading strategy on what they know about reptiles.
2.      Read about reptiles-do Froya Model with definition, characteristics, and types of reptiles
3.      Do a Venn Diagram on Alligators/Crocodiles
4.      Look at pictures of Alligators/Crocodiles
5.      Visit Zoo- Caiman Exhibit
6.      Fill out sheet on Caimans- next page
                      a)  Picture/Drawing of Caiman
                      b)  List characteristics of Caiman
                      c)   Kingdom, Plybeen, Class, Order
                      d)   Habitat of Caiman
7.      Back at school, compare and contrast the caiman with alligator and crocodile. Use the following analysis matrix (On hand written lesson plan)
·        Share in small groups their understanding of the analysis matrix. Add to matrix as necessary. Peer review.
·        Teacher assessment by moving group to group-informal evaluation
·        Show pictures of 3 animals and ask students to identify
Lesson Plan 4
By: Peggy Owens
Skill: drawing, writing
Materials Needed: 
-Drawing paper
-Science teacher
Procedure:  7th grade students will be taking a field trip to the Blank Park Zoo. Explore the Discovery Center and start an art project. Students will draw a fresh water aquarium, include 5 living animals in your picture. Then write a paragraph regarding the animals’ habitat, what they eat, what is in the water (living/growing.)
The students will have an understanding of fresh water animals as discussed in class. Pre-taught.
Assessment:  Students will complete the art project and a paragraph.


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