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 Lesson Plan 1   Grade: K-6

 By: Sherri Errthum
Skills: Weighing
-Deceased coral reef kit (five different corals)
-Something for weights
-Teacher prepared worksheets of coral reefs to record weight and to record coral in order from lightest to heaviest
-Coral reef stories
  1. Teacher needs stories about ocean and coral reefs
  2. Students are put in five different groups
  3. Teacher instructs students to weigh the coral reef using the scales and weights
  4. One person from each group will weigh a different coral as groups move from one weigh center to the next
  5. After all corals have been weighed students will order corals from lightest to heaviest.
Assessment:  Students will have ordered the corals from lightest to heaviest with 100% accuracy.


Lesson Plan 2   Grade: 4 or 5
By: Barb Cupp
Skill: Problem solving
-Pro and Con Sheet of Water Dangers
  1. Have a discussion about human interaction with waterways. These interactions can be both positive and negative.
  2. Students will work on worksheet (Pros and Cons of human interactions with waterways)
  3. After students have completed worksheet, discuss answers
Assessment: Completed worksheet and the students should be able to support their choices.


Lesson Plan 3   Grades: 5-8

By: Carrie Pundreak

 Skills: research skills, describe habitats of various animals and begin speaking in front of an audience.
-List of zoo animals
-Resource books on water forms
-Other resource materials (books, internet, etc.) on animals
-Note cards
  1. Teacher will give an introduction to types of waterways and a brief overview of animal habitats.
  2. Depending on the number of students, they will individually, or as a group, become “experts” on their assigned animal that will be found at the zoo.
  3. Students will keep notes about their animal on note cards that will be
  4. Tour the zoo!
  5. As students explore the zoo each “expert” will have the opportunity to enlighten their classmates on the habitat and water needs of their animal. If students were grouped together their group should be split up during the zoo trip so there is only one “expert” per animal per tour group.
Assessment: Note cards will be checked by the teacher before the trip and he/she will be able to check for understanding or re-direct the expert.
 Lesson Plan 4   Grade: Middle School

By: Linda Porter

Skills: research and interpretation
-Premade handout about jellyfish. Include: habitat, food, locomotion, and reproduction
  1. Before the zoo trip spend a class period teaching the facts on the handout.
  2. At the zoo have the students observe the jellyfish and discuss as many things as possible that they can observe and relate to what they learned from the handout. 
Assessment:  Have the students draw a jellyfish and write a half page describing what they learned about them.
Lesson Plan 5   Grade Range:  Middle School
By: Linda Porter
Skill: Awareness of water conservation and water quality
-Pictures or posters demonstrating the points to be covered
       1) Don’t waste water   
                  a. Take shorter showers
                  b. Turn off water when brushing teeth
       2)   Keep trash out of waterways
                        a. recycle
                        b. dispose of trash
       3)   Keep grass clippings out of storm sewers
                        a. Keep both grass and fertilizers and pesticides out of waterways
       4)   Clean up after pets
                        a. animal waste won’t wash into storm sewers and waterways
       5)   Wash cars on grass and use biodegradable soap
                        a. Prevents runoff into storm sewers
  1. Teach preceding points before the zoo trip
  2. During the zoo trip, point out animals you are seeing that would be affected by people not doing these things.
Assessment: After the zoo trip, have class discussions to determine whether the students learned five points. Then have them to make posters demonstrating the five points to display around the school to make fellow students aware of conservation.
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