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 The Blank Park Zoo manages 49 acres of land. Of that, 22 acres have been developed into animal exhibits or facilities.

Currently there are 104 different animal species and 1,484 animal specimens cared for at the Blank Park Zoo.

Meet the Animals
Learn fun facts about the Zoo's resident animals.

Zoo Maps
The Blank Park Zoo is the only accredited zoo in the state of Iowa. Bring your family to see more than 1,000 furry, finned, and feathered friends. Click here for map of the Zoo grounds.

Zoo Conservation Committee
Each year, the zoo's Conservation Committee raises money to support international conservation initiatives. Learn of the exciting projects the committee is involved with. 

Do you knit or crochet? Then consider donating a "nest". Many of our wildlife rehabbers use knitted or crocheted nests for the very young wildlife. These nests act just like nests in the wild, to secure the young, allow them to snuggle together and maintain body temperature. For more information and instructions on making these nests please clicking here.


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