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Attention Teachers and Administrators! Blank Park Zoo is looking to build relationships with Iowa community school districts. Are you looking for ways to bring the Zoo into your classroom? Or interested in finding unique ways in introduce math curriculum? Or teach the importance of giving back? Blank Park Zoo’s educational fundraising program called “The Zoo & You” can help!

“The Zoo & You” is a program made up of three levels designed to educate elementary students about the importance of giving back to their communities and supporting a local cause while engaging in other classroom subject curriculum.

Classes and schools can participate in the following programs:

Pennies for Penguins: Grades K-3
Pennies for Penguins is a great way to engage younger students in the U.S. currency system and teach them about counting change! Classes may compete in Penny Wars or individually collect coins and dollar bills for a set period of time. Chose an animal to give your coins to or make a general donation to the all of the efforts at Blank Park Zoo.


Connecting Community: Grades 4-6
Connecting Community is a program where students participate in service projects in their local community and ask for donations to benefit Blank Park Zoo. Projects can include raking leaves, mowing lawns, washing cars, shoveling snow or others. The Zoo will use the money earned to buy equipment or food used to help take care of our animals.


Endangered Adoptions: Grades 4-6
Endangered Adoptions is a great way for students to learn about the many endangered species living at Blank Park Zoo and more importantly, what they can do to protect threatened animals and their habitats. Collecting donations for a chosen animal to support, students can “adopt” an endangered animal here and have a direct impact on the work we do at Blank Park Zoo.

To celebrate your fundraising efforts, your class(es) will get to choose one of the following:
Classroom Visit and Program with Animals – Free of Charge
Field Trip to the Zoo – Free of Charge

For more information or to get signed up for Pennies for Penguins, Connecting Community or Endangered Adoptions, please contact Michaela Hixenbaugh at 515-974-2589 or

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