Conservation in Action: Trash Bash

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Conservation in Action: Trash Bash


Last Friday, April 25, Blank Park Zoo participated in Earth Day Trash Bash and invasive species removal projects.

Volunteers remove invasive species at Trash Bash

Earth Day Trash Bash began in 2004 with a few individuals committed to cleaning up the Des Moines area and has grown into a collective project between the cities and citizens of Des Moines, West Des Moines, Clive as well as Metro Waste Authority, Polk County Conservation, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and Water Works.

Last year, volunteers removed 67,000 pounds of trash and 37 pounds of cigarette butts. This year was Blank Park Zoo’s third year involved with Trash Bash. Besides participating in the city-wide project, the Zoo also focused on invasive species removal, specifically honeysuckle and mulberry plants.

Blank Park Zoo’s partnership with the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department helps benefit Iowa’s native plants. Christine Eckles, volunteer manager at Blank Park Zoo, states how removing the invasive plants helps the native species around the metro area: “Removing the honeysuckle will let light into the woodland floor and hopefully promote native plant re-population, which will hold the soils in this area much better and make for healthier woodlands and creeks.”

The Zoo’s animals also benefit from the invasive species removal, as the removed honeysuckle and mulberry is given to some of the animals to play with.  

The giraffe play with the honeysuckle invasive species removed at Trash Bash

Volunteers and staff of the Blank Park Zoo had a great time participating in Trash Bash and invasive species removal for the well-being of the Des Moines area and its native plant species.


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