Guest post: Limbe Wildlife Centre

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Guest post: Limbe Wildlife Centre



Guest post by Limbe Wildlife Center

Limbe Wildlife Centre, a rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction/release project, is jointly managed by Pandrillus and the Government of Cameroon and is a conservation project the Blank Park Zoo supports. 

In Cameroon, one of the highest areas of biodiversity in the world, the illegal animal trade is widespread, and along with deforestation is one of the greatest threats to the survival of wildlife species. When animals are killed for meat, infants are taken and illegally sold as pets in the market. 
Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC) provides a solution to the problem of what can be done with the infant primates and other wild animal species when they are lucky enough to be seized from criminal traders by customs, police, or conservation officials. In doing so, we support and encourage the enforcement of the wildlife laws of Cameroon. Without this support, confiscating agencies would soon tire of prosecuting wildlife crime as they would have nowhere to place the animals which they seize. In addition, we run a conservation education outreach program that reaches more than 1,000 children in each, and work with local communities on conservation-based projects.


Lolo, an orphan of the bushmeat trade, was confiscated after a hunter
tried to sell her as a pet in a hotel.She currently lives in our chimpanzee 
nursery with four other individuals.

LWC’s conservation education program includes school outreach and 
a nature club, reaching more than 1,300 children in total.          

Aframomum is an important part of the primate diet. We work to 
provide ex-hunters with an alternative, sustainable livelihood of 
harvesting aframomum, which also helps them to appreciate the forest.

Currently, Limbe Wildlife Centre cares for more than 360 orphans of the bushmeat trade, including 15 primate species native to Cameroon, such as chimpanzees, gorillas, and drills, as well as various small mammals and reptiles that have been brought in for rehabilitation and release. This year, it is clear that the environmental situation in Cameroon has reached a critical level; in only 3.5 months we have received 21 new arrivals, including 10 primates. Currently, we are working towards creating an LWC field site extension, which will provide an area for the reintroduction of endemic species currently at LWC (such as drills and Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees), protect essential habitat, and create an eco-tourism opportunity.

Drills, before the start of Pandrillus, were thought to be extinct in the 
wild. Today Pandrillus projects care for more than 500 drills in 
Cameroon and Nigeria.

LWC employs 35 local staff to care for all of the animals at our sanctuary and run our education program. In June, Blank Park Zoo provided our staff with nearly 100 uniforms, for which they are all very thankful!

We thank Blank Park Zoo for their continued support of our work at Limbe Wildlife Centre!

Limbe Wildlife Centre Staff

Elvis, a recipient of the Zoo's donated items 


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