A Look Inside Summer Safari

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A Look Inside Summer Safari


It’s a sea of bright green t-shirts, lots of laughter and children of all ages at Blank Park Zoo. Summer has officially arrived – and with it, Blank Park Zoo’s Summer Safari camps.


Getting ready for camp

Summer Safari is a week-long immersion in Zoo education. With camps for ages 3 to 7th grade, the Zoo provides a unique learning experience for children to:

  • Encounter firsthand and learn about exotic wildlife,
  • Understand the science of these creatures’ habits and how the Zoo cares for them,
  • Make the connection to the conservation and protection of their species, and
  • Care for the conservation of our environment.



Check-in table with T-shirts available

Every morning, campers check in to find their camps before they move on with their scheduled activities for the day.  This includes:

  • Unique camp education depending on the age group and topic – each week has a fun animal theme!
  • Education animal presentation with small animals to touch and see up close
  • Animal-themed crafts and games
  • The chance to meet and talk to zookeepers
  • And of course a tour though the Zoo!


 Walking to morning class



Learning about animals

Getting to touch the Zoo's education animals


Visiting the otters and touring the Zoo

Coordinating and planning the camps is a year-round project that is led by Daniela Graham, the Zoo’s education manager, and Paige Mohr, the Zoo’s camp coordinator. We have dozens of summer safari counselors and interns to assist with the camps.


Daniela Graham, Education Manager and Paige Mohr, Camp Coordinator plan and organize Summer Safari

What makes the Zoo’s summer camps unique?
Kids get to do all the fun day camp activities all while surrounded by the Zoo’s animals! They learn about animal adaptations, how Zoo animals are cared for and fun facts like why a giraffe picks its nose with its tongue.

This year, there is a great opportunity for 5th and 6th graders to visit the Omaha Zoo, spending the night in the aquarium surrounded by fish and sharks! (More info under the Shark Week camp on our Summer Safari page or email Daniela at dmgraham@blankparkzoo.org to register.)

And, on a hot summer day, the kids may even get the opportunity to enjoy the Slip’n’Slide!

It isn’t summer at Blank Park Zoo without Summer Safari and hundreds of children experiencing the joy of seeing an animal up close for the first time. Of all Iowa's many wonderful attractions, nothing seems to capture the hearts and minds of children as much as Blank Park Zoo!

06/26/2013 9:47 AM |Add a comment |Comments (1)
My son and daughter are having a great week! Joey was so excited yesterday because he dissected an owl pellet at camp. He brought home the bones he found and a diagram to try to identify the bones. He worked on it in the evening and told us all about it.

Anne | 06/26/2013 9:56 AM
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