New to the Zoo: Jersey the boa

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New to the Zoo: Jersey the boa


Earlier this year, Blank Park Zoo heard about a boa constrictor that was found in the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy. The boa was likely a pet when her home was destroyed. (Side note: Always do your research before getting any kind of pet. Boas are neat animals but need a lot of space, so getting a boa for a pet is a huge commitment for time, space and money - and they are illegal to own in many areas.)

When no one claimed the boa, the Staten Island Zoo took her in, making sure she was healthy. When she was deemed healthy and the weather was warm enough, she was sent to her new home at Blank Park Zoo.



Jersey the boa enjoys stretching out in the sunshine 

The boa, a female named Jersey, will be used for Blank Park Zoo’s education classes and programs that we offer here at the Zoo. On a warmer day, you may get to see her in the Zoo at Critter Corner! Jersey will also travel for programs at libraries, schools, daycares and more all around the state.


 She's coming close!


 Jersey certainly wasn't camera shy! She slithered towards me and the camera.

Jersey the boa facts

  • Jersey is 8.5 feet long and 35 lbs. Boas are one of the largest snakes in the world, along with the reticulated python and anaconda.

  • She is friendly, but she is heavy, strong and moves a lot. For safety we always have two people to hold Jersey or transport her. The staff handling her need to be comfortable with snakes and be aware of snake behavior. Boas are non-poisonous but can be dangerous if not treated and handled properly.

  • Boas are commonly found in Central and South America; they prefer a humid, warm environment like the rainforest.

  • For food, Jersey gets a large rat every other week. Yum!

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