Creature Feature: Red Pandas

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Creature Feature: Red Pandas


Walking through Blank Park Zoo you are bound to hear some oohhs and aahhs at the sight of these cute creatures. What most visitors do not know, however, is that Red Pandas are far from being considered a domesticated creature. In fact, Red Pandas can be very aggressive when provoked or surprised by someone that they are not familiar with. Blank Park Zoo keepers spend time analyzing their behavior, as well as working with the animals to form familiar habits.

While Red Pandas are often thought of as a small bear or raccoon, they are actually part of their own independent family, Alivridae. They are found in in dense forests and the mountain ranges of Southwest China and their diet consists largely of insects and bamboo. The Red Pandas at Blank Park Zoo also enjoy a variety of monkey biscuits and fruit!



Fun Fact: The reason there are so many nesting spaces within the exhibit is so that females can have a private space during nesting periods (typically winter months). Females can be very aggressive if others Red Pandas try to occupy the same space.





Fun Fact: The oldest Red Panda at Blank Park Zoo is the 15-year-old female, Kitar! You can tell her apart from the other Red Pandas in that her fur has more of a white coat on her face.

While several animals at the Zoo cannot always handle Iowa’s harsh temperatures, Red Pandas can be seen outside during the winter months.  Since insects are not as prevalent during the winter months, Red Pandas are known to lose body weight during this time of year. Their tail and slow metabolism keep them from losing the energy they need to perform daily functions. This is a large difference between Red Pandas at the Zoo versus in the wild, since those that live in the wild have a more steady diet year-round.

Be sure to visit Blank Park Zoo to explore more facts about our Red Pandas and to see what other animals enjoy the winter months! You never know what you will find at Iowa’s Wildest Adventure!

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