Zoodlers - Always an Adventure!

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Zoodlers - Always an Adventure!


Zoodlers at Blank Park Zoo is a unique opportunity in which the Zoo transforms into a giant classroom.  Everyday kids engage in hands-on, interactive learning with real, live animals, right at their fingertips.  One day they might embark on a journey through Africa, visiting Kiano and Ayana, the Eastern Black Rhinos, while discussing what it means to be a mammal.  The next, they might touch the scaly skin of an alligator and talk about reptiles.

Beyond just exploring the Zoo, kids take part in other fun activities inside the doors of the Bankers Trust Learning Center.   While indoors, kids enjoy games, songs, pretend play, stories, snacks, crafts, sensory tables, and much more!

A song that is one of the class favorites every year is “Slippery Fish.”  Kids wear sea creature costumes and act out the motions of the song.  The giggles and laughter never cease. During free play each week, the sensory table is always a hit.  Kids love getting their hands messy in the dirt and sand during desert week, searching for the plastic lizards and snakes.  While learning about birds, there is nothing more fun than building nests out of paper lunch sacks, Easter grass, and plastic eggs with pom-pom chicks inside.  Kids pretend to be mama/papa bird, feeding the chicks with clothespins and pretend worms.


Every day of class holds a new adventure and the opportunity for kids to learn by exploring the animal world here at Blank Park Zoo. 

Do you have a little one at home who is antsy to get out, loves animals, and is eager to learn?  Zoodlers might just be the program for you!  Zoodlers is a drop off program for children ages 3-5 yrs.  Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 6 weeks in March and April.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, click here for class information or call 515-974-2588.


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