Creature Feature: Eland

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Creature Feature: Eland


Blank Park Zoo is proud to be the home of many large mammals, including Elands. Tragelaphus derbianus is the Elands scientific name. Even though the Elands are considered the least concerned on the IUCN red list there still are cases of over-hunting. This can lead to elimination of Elands in certain areas, but they are still highly populated in protected areas. Blank Park Zoo is delighted to house these animals at the Zoo to keep their species from extinction. 

The Eland is the largest breed of antelope. It is of similar size to as a cow, weighing up to 1,500 pounds. From their shoulders to the ground they stand around six feet tall. Elands have a tan coat that is usually fawn or tawny-colored. Once older the Eland will start to turn a gray or bluish-gray color. You can tell which Elands are the oldest because their coat will turn almost black. Males grow a tuft of black hair located on the fold of skin that hangs down from their neck. Elands have horns that are slightly twisted and rise from the front of their heads. The female’s horns are usually longer and thinner than the male’s horns. Elands can travel in large herds of one hundred or more animals. This breed lives around 15 to 25 years. 

Where do Elands live? Elands live in the open plains, grassland, mountain, subdesert, acacia savanna, and miombo woodland areas. Most of them are located around Africa. Elands try to stay away from swamps, deserts, and forests. 

Elands are Herbivores and mainly prefer to eat vegetables. Elands will browse around and eat in areas where there are shrubs and bushes around. They will use their horns to break down twigs and branches to eat the leaves from. They will sometimes consume some types of fruits, large bulbs, and tuberous roots. 

Come to the Zoo soon and visit with our Eland friends! 



07/01/2014 2:22 PM |Add a comment |Comments (1)
The first time I saw the Elands, I was surprised how TALL they are! I see deer in my back yard, but to see a Eland up close so very cool!

Leah Tomlinson | | 07/02/2014 10:20 PM
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