Fiesta Latina at Blank Park Zoo features caimans

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Fiesta Latina at Blank Park Zoo features caimans


It’s a Fiesta Latina this Saturday, May 5 at Blank Park Zoo!

Adventure Days, a themed series at Blank Park Zoo every other Saturday this summer, kicks off this Saturday, May 5 with our Fiesta Latina Day. Our first Adventure Day – which is a free event for Zoo members – will highlight the Latin American culture and animals at the Zoo. 

Do you know which animals at our Zoo originate from Latin American countries? Have you ever salsa danced? Don’t miss the flower-making activity from the Latino Heritage Festival and the performances and lessons from Salsa Des Moines from 2 to 5 pm.

Our special, featured animal is the dwarf caiman, which comes from Central and South America. 


Caimans like wetlands such as rainforests or the Amazon River basin. Caimans also live in flooded savannahs. Caimans belong to the same group because of a bony ridge that is above their eyes.

The Dwarf Caiman (found in the Discovery Center at Blank Park Zoo) is the smallest crocodilian and is distinguished by a high, smooth skull and brown eyes, instead of yellow, which are common to most crocodilians. They measure 5 to 7½ feet in length.


Dwarf caimans have 78-82 teeth, and some of their teeth are curved. In the wild, they eat invertebrates, fish and large insects. The caimans at the Zoo eat mice and capelin (fish).They lay 10-25 eggs. Caimans are considered widespread, and their population is stable.


Make sure to find all of the Central and South American animals at the Zoo at our Fiesta Latina Adventure Day this Saturday:

· Tamarins

· Macaw

· Amazon River exhibit animals

· Flamingos

· Penguins

Experience the Zoo in a whole new way during our Fiesta Latina. Learn about Latin American countries & cultures and the animals of Blank Park Zoo!

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