Blank Park Zoo Members Wild Card

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Blank Park Zoo Members Wild Card


It’s safe to say summer has arrived at Blank Park Zoo: The train whistle is blowing, the tortoises are out and the new harbor seals are in the new sea lion and seal pool!

And, Members Night is just over a week away on Friday, May 25, kicking off the unofficial start of summer Memorial Day weekend. Join us for a special, members-only evening from 5 to 8 pm, where we’ll have inflatable fun, story time with Curious George and feature our new macaque exhibit. Have you caught the webcam of our new baby macaque?

At Members Night, we’ll also launch an exciting new adventure and benefit for our members this summer: Members Wild Card.
Our Members Wild Card, available all summer long, is yours to take along as you Do the Zoo. Get your Wild Card stamped with each train ride, giraffe feeding, gift shop purchase, camel ride and more. Once your wild card is completed, turn it in to admissions to be eligible to win some fun prizes at the end of the summer from a number of sponsors, including:

Carmike Cinemas

Chuck E Cheese

Fridley Theatres

Fleur Cinemas

Nova Cinemas

Orange Leaf

Pagliai’s Pizza

And some special prizes from Blank Park Zoo’s gift shop! The more Wild Cards you complete and return, the better your chances of winning our prize drawings after September 3.

Choose your adventure and the activities you complete – make sure you pick up and fill out your Wild Card when you Do the Zoo this summer!

05/17/2012 10:06 AM |Add a comment |Comments (2)
The mother rejected the baby, so it is being raised by hand. You can't see it on the camera but baby is next to troop and they can see her through a window. She will be introduced to the troop once she is weened and able to take care of herself. If keepers hadn't of intervened, the baby would not have survived. In an ideal world, the mother would have taken care of the baby.

Blank Park Zoo | | 05/28/2012 8:03 AM
Just watched the video of the baby macaque. Does this little fellow (or girl) have any contact with the others, like maybe the mother? Or is it being raised without socialization? How will it learn to be part of the troop? The baby seemed to respond to some of the stuffed toys with "response-to-threat" faces, if I were to guess what the face-making meant. Is that what is going on? Or does anyone really understand the body language?

Jo D Murch | | 05/25/2012 3:57 PM
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