Zoobilation celebrates Gateway to Africa

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Zoobilation celebrates Gateway to Africa




Lights are being strung, tables put in place, last-minute details are coming together.

As one of the biggest Zoo fundraising events of the year, Zoobilation celebrates what is coming to the Zoo and how you can be a part of it. This year, we look forward to our Gateway to Africa, opening phase one in 2013. Complete with African markets, native music and more, this one-of-a-kind event will help raise the funds to support our Africa expansion. 

The continent of Africa is home to the largest and fastest land animals in the world. African landscape can take you into the heart of the rainforest or through an infinite desert, witnessing heights of a giraffe or miraculous size of a rhinoceros. Imagine this experience right here in Iowa! 

We have already chosen two new rhinos, coming from South Dakota and Florida zoos. Both are about two years old and part of our species survival plan, which means they will be fit for breeding and conservation. We’ll announce more details about our Africa expansion later this year –stay tuned for more information as our grand opening of phase one of Africa nears next spring!


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