Splish Splash - Take it easy on the baths!

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Splish Splash - Take it easy on the baths!


by Blank Park Zoo's Conservation Committee

How great is it to hear the drip drip drip of the coffee pot knowing that your freshly brewed coffee will be done shortly? How annoying is it to hear the drip drip drip of the leaking bathroom faucet as you lie down to go to bed at night? Both of which make you need to get up and use the restroom more times than normal.

Either way, that repetitive splash and excessive flushing of the porcelain throne says something different to any conservationists, “Take It Easy on the Water!”

Even though 75 percent of the Earth is covered with water, less than one percent of that is apt for drinking water, and most of the water we use is not in its natural form. Your morning cup of coffee, the gasoline in your car, and the coloring of your clothes all use water, and lots of it.

Just one person, living in a single apartment with minimal water consumption, can use about 150 gallons every day. That’s over 53,000 gallons every year! Check out this Water Use Calculator to see just how much you and your family use every day, month and year. You’ll realize it’s worth it to fix that leaking faucet! Use some of these tips to help conserve water in your household:

  • Turn off water when brushing your teeth
  • Take shorter showers
  • Only run your washing machine/dish washer on full loads
  • Water your lawn earlier in the day, and spread a layer of mulch around your trees and bushes
  • Turn off your hose when washing your car
  • Only water the grass and plants, use a broom to clean paved areas

What other ways do you save water?




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