Critter Corner Grand Opening!

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Critter Corner Grand Opening!


Last Wednesday, Blank Park Zoo celebrated the grand opening of our new Critter Corner! 


If you haven’t had the opportunity to see it up close yet, Critter Corner is a new area for the Zoo’s animals to play and explore outside while you can enjoy and interact with the animals up close. Several animals can enjoy the play yard at once, and the weather will determine which animals can be out. 

Fiona the duck contemplates splashing in the pool

In 2010, Blank Park Zoo’s ambassadors saw the need for a permanent home for our education animals to be outside as well as the opportunity for our guests to see them more. (The Zoo’s ambassadors are a group of dedicated volunteers that work on projects and raise money to further the mission of the Zoo.) Critter Corner was the perfect opportunity for the ambassadors to further the Zoo’s educational mission and improve the visitor experience. Ray Hansen, the 2010 chair of the ambassadors, helped spearhead the Critter Corner project along with the support of the other ambassadors. Thanks to the generous support of the Hansen family, Hy-Vee, Farm Bureau and Pat Brokerage Company for helping make this happen!

Spot the rabbit enjoys hopping around the exhibit

The Critter Corner exhibit is so important because it allows our education department to interact with Zoo visitors and educate them about the animals, while at the same time providing a home for our animals outside. Typically, Blank Park Zoo’s education department is on the road around the state doing programs at schools or holding classes here at the Zoo. For years, we have brought education animals into the Zoo to enhance the guest experience without a permanent home for these animals, other than their indoor holding space. Critter Corner has proved to be the perfect fit and best experience for both the animals and Zoo guests.

We are grateful to the ambassadors for leading this project, and a special thank you to the Hansen family!


Make sure you check out the Critter Corner next time you visit Blank Park Zoo!

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