Miya the macaque goes on exhibit!

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Miya the macaque goes on exhibit!


In case you missed the introduction earlier this week, baby macaque Miya went on exhibit for the first time. She bonded with Chuck the macaque quite well. Aren't they adorable?

Miya has transitioned quite well -- it has been a process of slowly introducing her to the macaques since she was born earlier this year. The mother originally did not care for Miya, so the zookeepers saved her and worked nights for months feeding her. Keepers slowly have introduced her to macaque troop through a six-month long process. Macaque society is very interesting and we are very pleased that Chuck has taken an interest in watching over her and protecting her.

So much cuteness. I love the piggy back ride!

If you think the pictures are adorable, you must check out the video.

Come visit Miya and her friends at Blank Park Zoo -- they will be on exhibit even during the winter! 

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