How to: Contribute to conservation just by visiting the Zoo

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How to: Contribute to conservation just by visiting the Zoo


Guest post by Patty Weeks, Zoo volunteer and member

Did you know that every time you visit Blank Park Zoo you make a contribution to conservation? Well, know it or not you do! Every time you visit, 25 cents is donated to one of our three current conservation projects. And, $1 of your membership directly supports these efforts. 


You can learn about the projects and even vote for your favorite one at the Coins for Conservation machines located inside the Zoo’s front lobby. You may even see me or another volunteer standing by to talk to you about your favorite one. Will you put your token in and vote for giraffe conservation in Africa, sea turtles in Georgia or will you vote for Iowa's very own prairie chicken project in Ringgold County?

At the front desk, you will be given a gold coin "token" which can be put into the machine of your choice. Kids like the pinball action that the coins make and also learn about the importance of conserving the Zoo animals they are about to see.

I enjoy volunteering in this area as everyone who comes to the Zoo loves animals, as do I. The interaction I have with visitors with and without children is very rewarding, as we discuss the fun aspects of the Zoo as well as the more serious implications for these same animals living in their wild environments.

Please take a moment and stop to check out the Coins for Conservation machines. Have some fun with your tokens, but also take a minute to reflect on the need for wildlife conservation around the world and learn more about all of the Zoo's conservation efforts

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