Behind the Scenes preview: Jamaa Kwa Africa Opens May 4!

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Behind the Scenes preview: Jamaa Kwa Africa Opens May 4!


We’re counting down the days to the Grand Opening of Jamaa Kwa Africa!

You’ve heard a lot about the biggest highlights of the exhibit, the two endangered black rhinos, and there’s so much more that we’re excited to unveil.

Interactive interpretive sign

Walking bridge to Africa

Our new $4.5 million exhibit, the largest expansion the Zoo has seen since 2001, will boast an antelope species called eland, spur-thighed tortoise, ostrich, an aviary and kori bustard, the heaviest flying bird in the world. The exhibit will also feature original artwork by Chris Vance and James Bearden.

James Bearden public art 

Aviary and kori bustard yard

And this is just the beginning – phase one of a long-term, three-phase plan to expand the Zoo’s African exhibit.

The exhibit name, Jamaa Kwa Africa, means “Your connection to Africa”. We hope you will connect to not only the animals and the culture of Africa, but that you’ll also see the immediate conservation need that many animals, especially the rhinoceros, face. According to the International Rhino Foundation, there are less than 5,000 black rhinos left in the wild.

One of the future outdoor rhino exhibit yards

Without the help of many generous donors, we would not have been able to come this far with this exhibit!

We will soon offer an ostrich feeding experience!

Maasai hut for viewing the ostrich up close

The past few years have brought about a number of changes to the Zoo. In 2011, we opened the David Kruidenier Australia Adventure. Last year, we unveiled our new Zoo entrance in addition to the Hub Harbor seal and sea lion pool, featuring daily animal demonstrations, a stroller-accessible observation deck and underwater viewing. 

In the expanding Africa exhibit, there will soon be the Principal Pavilion, an educational and viewing area that will give a new view to the giraffe exhibit that will open later this summer. In other areas of the Zoo, construction continues on a new holding and winter viewing building for the penguins and Aldabra tortoises. And, we will soon begin work on a Bactrian camel exhibit that will be located just north of the Zoo in Blank Park – in the Zoo’s main entrance.

We are excited for all the changes to come and hope you’ll join us in our ever-expanding Wildest Adventure!

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