Creature Feature: Tiger Salamander

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Creature Feature: Tiger Salamander


You might describe this guy as a bit slippery, somewhat slimy, and maybe even a little cute. 


The tiger salamander is one of the education animals at Blank Park Zoo. This time of year, it is used for a variety of programming, from classes at the Zoo to visits at schools and libraries all around the state.


Tiger salamanders are found in North American ponds, streams and other wet habitats. When they go on visits, they must be kept in a container of water and have their skin kept moist at all times – they have water we appropriately refer to as salamander water. They are amphibians, which means that they are an indicator species for water pollution. 

Tiger salamander fun facts

  • The tiger salamanders are secretive animals and spend most of their lives underground.
  • They gather in large numbers in the spring for courtship and egg laying.
  • Tiger salamanders have a long tail and webbed feet that aid in swimming.
  • Their mouth is generally a large opening, and they have no teeth or ear glands.
  • Tiger salamanders measure between six and eight inches and can even grow up to 13 inches long.
  • In the wild, tiger salamanders consume small insects and worms, though it is not rare for an adult to consume frogs and baby mice. At Blank Park Zoo, they eat crickets and sometimes worms.
  • Adult tiger salamanders are usually blotched with grey, green or black and have large, lidded eyes. They have short snouts, thick necks, sturdy legs and long tails.

Would you touch a tiger salamander if you had the chance? What do you think it feels like?







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