Celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month at Blank Park Zoo

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Celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month at Blank Park Zoo


It’s hard to believe that we’re just a week away from June! Mother Nature has kept us guessing this spring, and it’s finally starting to feel like the season it should be. June marks National Zoo and Aquarium month, a time to support your local zoos and learn more about the conservation work all zoos and aquariums do worldwide.



The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has nearly 200 accredited facilities nationwide. By visiting an AZA-accredited zoo, you are supporting a facility dedicated to providing excellent care for animals, a great experience for you and a better future for all living things. As a member, you receive free or 50% off admission to all AZA zoos and aquariums.

Celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month with us in June!

Visit the Zoo.
Are you excited to see the new rhinos in Africa or sip a drink at Zoo Brew? Our events and special exhibits are for you to enjoy, and your attendance brings resources back to the Zoo. Help us be a recreational and educational resource in our community and come visit the Zoo. 

Do Zoo-themed activities. Find some unique activities like Zoo bingo or a virtual field trip with kids of all ages. Find these and other unique ideas here.

Protect our resources. Conserve our environment, the livelihood of the animals at Blank Park Zoo and those all across the globe. Get involved in Blank Park Zoo’s conservation efforts to protect our natural world. 

Share your stories with us. What’s your favorite animal to see? Have you heard the roar of our new lion Deuce? Post your comments, photos, videos and more to our Facebook page and tell us why you enjoy and support the Blank Park Zoo.


How will you celebrate Zoo and Aquarium month?

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