Go green to save green - fuel saving tips

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Go green to save green - fuel saving tips


With gas prices rising and falling more quickly than the weather changes in Iowa, consider a few fuel-saving and green tips as you travel this summer. Incorporate these tips into your daily driving!

Reduce your speed. The faster you travel, the more fuel and energy your vehicle burns. Even just slowing down a few miles per hour will make your tank last that much longer! 

Limit your idle time. It’s the time of year when you might leave the car on to cool down on a hot day, which not only reduces your gas mileage, it also emits wasteful toxins in the air. Consider leaving your windows down or purchasing a windshield cover to use on a warm summer day.


Empty your trunk. You may have noticed your car gets worse gas mileage if you’ve packed your trunk full. This is because fuel efficiency decreases as weight increases. Clean out your trunk and leave sports equipment or gardening supplies in the garage.


Make your car more aerodynamic. Not using your bike rack? Take it off! Even having your car washed and waxed regularly will help improve your gas mileage. Rolling down your windows saves gas at lower speeds, and keeping them rolled up helps your aerodynamics at higher speeds.


Keep your tires properly inflated. Driving with under or over-inflated tires can waste a mile or two for every gallon you use. Check your owner’s manual for your car’s recommended air pressure and save up to 10% in gas mileage!


Optimize your octane. Did you know that 20 percent of drivers use premium high-octane fuel, but only five percent of cars are designed to use it? Check your owner’s manual and fill up with the right amount of octane!


Check your fuel cap. Make sure your fuel cap is not damaged and is closed tightly. Besides being a reason for your “Check Engine” light to turn on, missing or problematic caps are responsible for 147 million gallons of gas vaporizing annually.


Source: Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens


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