A big birthday and a big focus on conservation!

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A big birthday and a big focus on conservation!



Falala the lion turns 17 today! In honor of her big day we would like to raise lion conservation awareness. The National Geographic Society has a Big Cat Initiative that includes the Cause an Uproar Campaign. Part of this campaign is the Build a Boma Project that encourages people to donate on any level towards the goal of funding a living wall to protect livestock from lions.

Communities in Tanzania will hunt and kill lions that have predated on their livestock. Dr. Lacey Lichentenfeld and her husband have been involved in lion conservation in Tanzania for 13 years. They help build bomas from living conifera trees and chain link that allows people to sleep easier at night knowing their livestock is safe. The lions are benefiting from this action since they are no longer being tempted to harvest the livestock. The numbers of lions in Tanzania ranged from 600-800 animals in 2004. Dr. Lichentenfeld reports there are half that many in the area today. By raising $500 we can fund the building of a boma. For $25 it can be maintained yearly. Contributions can be made by texting LIONS to 50555. Visit causeanuproar.com for more information!

A big thank you on behalf of Falala and Deuce!


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I want to wish her birthday

Shawn brumley | Bhotwheelzman@aol.com | 01/16/2014 12:26 PM
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