Behind the Doors of the Administration Building

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Behind the Doors of the Administration Building


A lot goes on behind the doors here at Blank Park Zoo! From crafting cozy behind-the-scenes homes for the animals to administering medicine to providing food and enrichment, the animal world here at the Zoo is always a busy and interesting one. However, there is another world that exists here at the Zoo that is often unspoken for… the world that pays the bills, prints and processes your membership cards, and helps coordinate wedding plans and company outings.

Right outside the perimeter fencing of the Zoo sits the Administration Building that houses a number of different departments including:
- Accounting
- Animal Records
- Conservation
- Development, Membership & Events
- Education & Volunteer
- Facilities & Grounds
- Marketing
- Operations & Human Resources

As soon as the snow falls each year, a common question that is asked by many folks is, “What do you do all winter long when there’s nothing going on at the Zoo?” There is always something going on at the Zoo (since we are year-round) and all of us in the Administration Building stay rather busy in the winter months, and some departments are busier than ever!

The accounting team spends a lot of the winter months preparing information for the year-end audit, financial numbers and taxes. The development and membership team spends time processing gift memberships around the holidays, year-end donations, as well as preparing the Zoo’s annual report and writing a number of grant reports. While the event calendar slows down a bit in the colder months, the events department conduct evaluations on past events, generate new ideas for the upcoming year, seek out potential sponsors, and put together the Zoo’s upcoming events calendar! In addition to the Zoo’s public events, many rentals are booked in the winter months, leaving the team to host a number of tours and prep for weddings, company outings, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties and more!

Education, volunteer, and operation team members revisit the past summer and prepare for another peak season, starting interviews for summer positions and internships in January. The Zoo hires on approximately 125 additional full-time and part-time employees for the months of May through September, so there is a lot of paperwork to fill out and orientations to conduct! Take a look at the seasonal opportunities here. Education is prepping for their many educational programs including summer camp, Zoodlers, Zoo Tots, home school classes and more! The education staff traveled 39,681 miles to 202 libraries around the state in 2013. WOW! So as you can imagine bookings for outings such as these are in full swing!

The Administration Building is a world all of its own, staying busy to make sure your experience at the Zoo is a fun and exciting one! Be sure to stop in and say hello!

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