Keeper Spotlight: Colleen Cassidy

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Keeper Spotlight: Colleen Cassidy


Originally from Massachusetts, Colleen started working at Blank Park Zoo in August of 2013. Her experience with Zoos and Aquariums began in 2001 when she realized her true passion for Sea Lions and other aquatic animals. Colleen’s favorite aspect about working at Blank Park Zoo is the unique way in which the Zoo allows her to work with such diverse animals.

The Aquatic Team at Blank Park Zoo takes care of the Sea Lions and Harbor Seals 365 days of the year.  Although many guests will see these animals outside throughout the year, there are two indoor pools for those days where it is just too cold to go outside! The animals can be trained both indoor and outdoor as the keepers work in all sorts of conditions to make sure they are well taken care of. Colleen and the other keepers rotate so that they get to know the different behaviors and personalities of the four animals.

FUN FACT: Pupper’s fur turns blonde when his fur is dry, which is one of the ways the keepers can easily tell the two Sea Lions apart.  


Facts about California Sea Lions you may not know!

  • They are considered pinnipeds and are actually related closer to bears than any other animal.
  • They can stay under water for 20 minutes! 
  • They are social animals and prefer to sleep in large groups 
  • During the winter the Sea Lions pack on a blubber layer, allowing them to eat more fish during this time of year. They receive special fish to help them pack on this weight.


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