Conservation from Des Moines to Uganda!

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Conservation from Des Moines to Uganda!


Conservation is everywhere! Blank Park Zoo invites you to be part of our journey to save the red panda, tiger and snow leopard. As you may know, Asia encompasses millions of miles of diverse and unique landscapes. From rainforests to deserts, it is home to some of the world's most iconic species, but these species are under threat in this rapidly changing world. The first one kicks off right here on Thursday, March 6 at 6:00 pm.


Nancy Whelan is our first speaker of the series. Nancy is a member of the Board of Directors for Red Panda Network. In 2013, she created the Red Panda Network Art Contest, inviting kids around the world to pick up their paintbrushes and answer the question: "Why should we save red pandas?" She will share with us the mission of the Red Panda Network, working to save this rare and beautiful animal through education and empowering local communities.

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Conservation also exists in Uganda. The forests of Western Uganda are beautiful places. They are the home to the densest primate population in Africa and a host of other mammals, birds and reptiles.  These forests are also, very important to the human populations who are living and raising their families there.  The constant need for firewood has been a strain on forests in Uganda and around the world.

The New Nature Foundation is on the front lines of protecting the rainforest, working with people to increase energy efficiency in sustainable, replicable ways. Founders of the Foundation, Rebecca Goldstone and Michael Stern, traveled to Des Moines in July of 2013 and attended the Zoos and Aquariums Committing to Conservation (ZACC) Conference hosted by Blank Park Zoo. Their presentation educated the attendees on their program and the use of fuel efficient stoves. These stoves (which cost less than $2) are having a positive impact on the forests of Western Uganda and elsewhere. Families using fuel efficient stoves use 40% less fuel (forest trees) than those using traditional stoves.

In a recent update from Rebecca, we have learned that some of the items donated by Blank Park Zoo at the ZACC Conference found their way to Uganda! Each December, the New Nature Foundation sponsors a "fuel efficient stove bean cook off". Think “chili cook off” here in Iowa. One of the winners' prize packages included a Blank Park Zoo t-shirt and another included a Blank Park Zoo bag which held other prizes.   For more information on the work of the New Nature Foundation go to their website:



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