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Experience Kids Kingdom


Kids Kingdom is often a crowd favorite at Blank Park Zoo since this is where visitors can find animals to feed and greet! The area has animals that you might see on a regular basis here in Iowa. While visiting this specific area of the Zoo you can find a variety of goats, a pair of llamas, pigs, a donkey and Zebu. It is a must for visitors to take a look behind the playground for the Koi deck where they can feed the Koi fish. This area is special because it allows visitors to interact with the animals – you get to feed and pet them all!

Due to the extreme cold and ice this winter, many of the animals have been kept inside the barns all winter; the donkey and Zebu areas especially! We have Iowa weather to thank for that! If the temperature does reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the goat barn is open and the public is given access to feed the goats and llamas.  If you stop by the Zoo on the weekend or a holiday (and it is at least 40 degrees), look for a sign inviting you into the goat barn!

Another component of this area is the playground. Once the area thaws, the playground will be open for kids of all ages to enjoy and climb on plus the animals will be out for visitors to interact with. New to Kids Kingdom this past year is the goat bridge! This has been a nice addition to the area and the goats absolutely love it. Often times after Kids Kingdom is closed for the day, the goats enjoy lying at the top and looking out into the Zoo. The goats also enjoy running across the bridge as a group!

The Zoo staff that specializes in the Kids Kingdom area is currently prepping for the spring and taking care of all the animals on a daily basis. As you can imagine, our Zoo animals are getting antsy for the time of year that they can be outside and enjoy the warm weather every day!


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