Week 17

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Week 17



11 July 2011 – 15 July 2011

It was a warm one this week, with a lot of sun and little wind. It started out very nice, but gradually got warmer as the week went on. The forecast for next week is looking like it will only continue to get warmer.

It was an up and down week for me. Monday was not a good day. There was rain and some small thunderstorms in the morning. While continuing my data entry we lost power in the office. Though the power outage was short, it caused my computer program to go on the fritz. I lost all of the data that I had entered that day and I also lost the data that I had entered the previous week. Tuesday, I went into the field to help the DNR spray Sericea Lespediza, which is an invasive plant species. That was a nice day and very productive. Wednesday was spent helping the DNR again, this time I brought my camera with to document the process. Unfortunately, the vehicle that I was in happens to have the engine right beneath the passenger seat. With the seat broken, my camera fell onto the hot engine and actually got so hot that I couldn’t touch it. Needless to say it melted a little. Fortunately, only the outside melted and the inside remained intact so in the end the only thing that was lost was a fried battery. By week’s end things were better; my camera was working and I finished all of my data entry.

I saw a bunch of wildlife going out and spraying invasive plants. There was a large assortment of birds and insects; I even saw a moth that I had never seen in my life, too bad it was when my camera was out of commission. I saw some American toads, rabbits, sunflowers, quite a few juvenile American Robins, bobolinks, phoebes and Eastern Kingbirds.



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