Week 18

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Week 18


18 July 2011 – 22 July 2011

HOT, that is really the only word to describe this week. There was a heat advisory everyday with heat indexes reaching the 120’s. It was a good week to go to a lake and go for a swim, just about everything else was miserable.

In the mornings I would go out and help the DNR trap and band Mourning Doves. It’s not quite as exciting as the goose banding, but it was a nice change of pace. While we were banding doves, we would go and spay some more sericea lespadiza between checking the traps. It was so hot that we had to cut the trapping short everyday to keep from harming the birds. The DNR started to run the traps at sunrise and just before sunset to help avoid the heat. In all we caught mostly Red-Winged Blackbird and Brown-Headed Cowbirds but we did manage to catch a few doves as well.

After the mornings were through I would come back and work on my final reports. That is a slow process, but it is important to do it well.

There are still more flowers blooming, the prairie is looking good with all the flowers in bloom. Not as many birds flying around with the heat like it was. I did hear a whip-poor-will off in the distance while banding doves in the evening.


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