Week 11

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Week 11


23 May 2011 – 27 May 2011

This was a bad week for weather. There were storms almost every day and night with flash flooding and tornados all around (poor Joplin I feel so bad). With all of the rain the fields were muddy and a lot of the roads were impassable.

 Though I did manage to make it out into the field this week, the work was slow and limited. The fields were muddy and wet which made for some slick hills and river banks.

Once in the field I had a wonderful time. I flushed about 8 pheasants (7 chicks and a hen), which made me jump, as they always wait until you’re about to step on them before they take off. I found tons of bird nests (it is amazing that such a small creature can survive such powerful storms) not only with eggs but some were already hatched out with chicks. There were nests from Bobolinks (some had Brown-Headed Cowbird eggs in them), Grasshopper Sparrows, Meadowlarks, Red-Wing Blackbirds, Dicksissels and many more. I saw caterpillars and a whole slew of moths and butterflies, I even saw a Luna Moth as it tried to get into my house one night. At one point I looked down and saw a fawn curled up into a tight ball laying not 5 feet away hoping that I hadn’t seen it. The fawn laid completely still except for the ears that were twitching desperately to hear my advancements.

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