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Zoo's Summer Library Program has returned! Encourage children's imaginations to come alive by inviting some real animals to your library this Summer. All programs are approximately 45 minutes in length and include four live animals. Some programs do have limits on audience size which will be stated in the program description.

The following are descriptions of the various sessions we have available for our 2014 Summer Library Program:


Egg-citing Science
How many library books can one tiny egg hold? You might be surprised! Join a zoo educator to learn about the many different types of eggs and meet some creatures that came from those eggs! (Fit for all audience sizes) 

Hiss, Hoot, Squeak!
Close your eyes and listen closely, what’s that sound? A chicken? A snake? An alligator?! All animals communicate in different ways. This program will introduce children to a variety of animals that use sounds to communicate. (Fit for all audience sizes)

Weird Animal Science
Did you know ducks have feathers that are waterproof? And salamanders can hear with no ears? Animals are capable of some fantastic feats! This program will demonstrate how it is possible for animals to do the amazing things they can do. (Fit for all audience sizes)

Zookeepers are Scientists Too!
When we think of scientists we usually think someone with a white lab coat and goggles. Rarely do we think of the people that care for our zoo animals. Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be a zookeeper and meet some of the animals they care for! (Fit for all audience sizes)

What’s In Your Water?
Just like us, animals need water to survive. Some animals even live in the water. In order to live happy, healthy lives, these animals need clean water. In this program we will test water from various sources and discuss the impact of water pollution. (Audience size should be no larger than 30 students)

Animal Tales
We will read an exciting animal tale before meeting two new animal pals! This session is about 30 minutes in length and is designed for children ages 2-4 years old. The class size should be no larger than 25 children. Two back-to-back programs may be booked for $90.00.

Show & Tell
This traditional live animal program is designed to accommodate a large audience of all ages. We will bring at least three animals to share during an interactive lesson. Children will be encouraged to answer thought-provoking questions about the animals and will have the opportunity to ask questions of their own.



*Programs are intended for all ages audiences but can easily be tailored for a specific age group. When booking, please indicate approximate age range of your audience.

*All programs are $90.00 plus a mileage charge for any library located more than 35 miles from the zoo. Libraries in the same region are encouraged to coordinate dates and times in order to split mileage fees.

TO SCHEDULE YOUR SUMMER LIBRARY PROGRAM: Call Blank Park Zoo's Education Department at 515-974-2559 or email


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