Dinosaurs at Blank Park Zoo

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Dinosaurs at Blank Park Zoo



For Immediate Release
DES MOINES, Iowa (May 23, 2011) – Iowa’s Blank Park Zoo opens a Dinosaur exhibit this Friday, May 27. This ‘prehistoric party’ will run for a limited time through Sept. 5. The exhibit features 16 prehistoric beasts, and many of the exhibits use animatronics to add movement and sound to the exhibit.
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The creatures range from half to full scale replicas, the largest being over 26 feet long. The exhibit also includes an animatronic ‘skeleton’ with a panel that visitors control to move head, forelimbs, eyes and body of the creature. In addition, the exhibit features a ‘dino-maze’, a fossil dig, and a replica dinosaur egg size display.
“Visitors will be transported back into time to see large creatures set in a jungle environment,” said Mark Vukovich, CEO of the Blank Park Zoo. “This will be a ‘dino-mite’ experience that adds to a summer of new exhibits at Blank Park Zoo that include a new Australia Adventure and a new seal and sea lion pool.”
The new Australia Adventure opens at the end of June and the new pinniped pool opens at the end of July.

Dinosaurs at Blank Park Zoo is sponsored by Perficut, Confluence, and Quick Supply Co.
The Blank Park Zoo, Iowa’s WILDEST Adventure, is open every day this summer, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Fridays until 8 p.m. Admission rates are $10.95 for adults, $5.95 for children under 12, and $8.95 for seniors and active military. Children two years and under and Blank Park Zoo members are free. The Zoo is located at 7401 SW 9th St., Des Moines, IA 50315. Visit the Zoo online at . The Zoo is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) The AZA is America’s leading accrediting organization that sets rigorous, professional standards for zoos and aquariums. The AZA is building North America's largest wildlife conservation movement by engaging and inspiring the 143 million annual visitors to its member institutions and their communities to care about and take action to help protect wildlife.

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I'm thinking of taking my grandson (7) from Spencer to see the dinosaur display. Anyone have any reviews on seeing it? Thank you

Huck | | 08/03/2011 10:31 PM
Here are the dinosaurs in the exhibit: Pachycephalosaurus (29'4" x 4' x 8'4") Apatosaurus with young (32'10" x 10' x 8') Tenontosaurus w/ four Deinonychus (23' x 12'6" x 7'3") Maiasaura Family (Mom & 3 Young) (21'7" x 11'8" x 7'3") Euoplocephalus (16'1" x 6'3" x 6'4") Albertosaurus (22'8" x 5'7" x 12'2") Pteranodon (9'1" x 23') Hands on Dinosaur (13'7" x 3'8" x 9'2")

Blank Park Zoo | | 07/28/2011 5:28 PM
I brought my grandchildren to the dinosaur exibit but I did not get all the types of dinosaurs listed I would like to know what dinosaurs there were so I can journal on their pictures. Thank-you

cindy schnoebelen | | 07/23/2011 9:31 AM
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