Blank Park Zoo is helping save wild chimpanzees

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Blank Park Zoo is helping save wild chimpanzees

Blank Park Zoo is helping save wild chimpanzees
Blank Park Zoo Conservation is asking for the public’s support in this project.
For Immediate Release
DES MOINES, Iowa (Nov. 2, 2011) - Blank Park Zoo Conservation is announcing a partnership with a team of 27 Ugandan Chimpanzee Ambassadors from the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. One way the Zoo is assisting this team is by asking for the public to donate essential gear and equipment.
“We’re looking for everyday items we take for granted here in Iowa, but can be impossible to find in Uganda,” said Jessie Lowry, conservation coordinator for Blank Park Zoo. “We need items like hiking boots, flashlights, raingear, multipurpose tools, GPS units and cameras.”
The Ugandan team works in the African rainforest monitoring wild chimpanzee troops and other rare animals while protecting them from poaching and capture for the illegal pet trade. They also educate local communities about preservation of habitat and reforestation techniques. 
Blank Park Zoo will be collecting and shipping these items to the team in Uganda by the end of the year. To donate items or money, please contact Blank Park Zoo at 515-285-4722. To learn more about the partnership, go to
To learn more about Pan African Sanctuary Alliance go to:

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 Ugandan Chimpanzee Ambassadors

Pictured: The Ugandan Chimpanzee Ambassadors
In the attached file is a picture of a previous Blank Park Zoo donation of old Zoo uniforms donated when the zoo changed its uniform style.


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