5 Things the Zoo is thankful for

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5 Things the Zoo is thankful for


Many of my friends on Facebook are participating in 30 Days of Thankfulness, posting a status update each day in November of something they are thankful for. While I am not participating in this myself, it has inspired me to be grateful for the simple things each day, like my job here at the Zoo.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I am pretty sure we all have some pretty similar things we are thankful for about working here.


Here are 5 things we at the Zoo are the most thankful for this holiday season (in no particular order):


1.     The animals. From animal keepers to veterinary care to guest services to office staff, we are all thankful for the wonderful animal collection we have here at the Zoo. And, it is constantly growing and changing. There is so much joy in interacting with the animals, providing animal care and supporting conservation efforts to improve their quality of life both here and in the wild.  


2.     Donors. Our animal collection cannot grow and be taken care of without the generous support of our donors and corporate partners. As a nonprofit organization, the Zoo depends on your contributions to help care for our animals. You provide the necessary resources to aid in animal care, improve and expand exhibits and bring in new animals to the Zoo. (To learn how you can help, click here.)


3.     Members. You are the voice of our Zoo. It is your desire to experience the wonder of the Zoo again and again that inspires us to continue to improve your Zoo. And, your membership support provides revenue we can depend on throughout the year, supporting our animal care and conservation efforts.


4.     Animal keepers and veterinary staff. This is a personal one, but I know other non-animal keeper staff, members and supporters are with me on this one. It is because of you that we are able to care for our animals and provide the adequate training and enrichment they need. You work odd hours, keep the exhibits clean and do work that office staff probably will never fully understand. Thank you for all you do to enrich and care for our animal collection.


5.     You. Each and every person that interacts with the Zoo – whether through attending our education classes, saying “I Do” at the Zoo or visiting us anytime during the year, you are the reason we open our doors each day. We are delighted to share our animal collection with you, providing unique encounters, educational opportunities and memories to last a lifetime.


 What are you most thankful for at Blank Park Zoo? 

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