Why I Love My Zoo Membership - Guest post by Rachel Pierce

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Why I Love My Zoo Membership - Guest post by Rachel Pierce


Guest post by Blank Park Zoo member Rachel Pierce, ABC 5 News

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’d love to share what I love about being a member of Blank Park Zoo.



I love that even when it’s only a few degrees outside, you can still visit the Zoo, although I tend to confine myself to the balmy indoor tropical areas.

I love all the exposure our daughter Lydia has had to various forms of wildlife before she has even turned three years old. She has fed giraffes, goats, llamas, fish (lots of fish!) and birds. 

Lydia loves riding the train and the carousel, and she even got to ride the camel (with her Daddy of course). The playground is always a big hit, as well as Zoo Tots and the sea lion show.

I love that I can pack up both my kids, baby Piper and Lydia, and spend an hour (or five) at the Zoo – and they are completely entertained the entire time. Lydia would spend a solid hour watching the otters if I let her! 

And my personal favorite memory so far was at the lion enclosure. We were visiting the big cats, and Lydia was sitting in the jeep when one of the lions came into the room where the glass separates them. The lion came right up to the glass. Lydia looked over her shoulder at the lioness just inches away from her. Instead of screaming, she turns to me and says, “Look momma, the kitty wants to play.”…Um, I don’t think so.

I also love that when whenever we have family or friends come into town the Zoo is a great place to visit.  

I hope you take time to love our wonderful Zoo as a member, too! 

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I wholeheartedly agree. The zoo is a wonderful place to visit. What a gem your fair city has! Much to see and learn there. Great family times

Jenny | 02/14/2013 6:56 PM
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