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Park Entrance Construction

The Blank Park Zoo constructed a new entrance into the Zoo that is designed to handle the 400,000 plus visitors every year. The old entrance was not designed to handle that many visitors. The new design will allow for better traffic flow.

The entrance includes a new road, new sidewalks and bike path, new landscaping, berms and ponds.

There will also be a new public park area that will include parking spaces, picnic shelter and playground, a free animal exhibit that visitors will be able to see for free from the park area. Also, the zoo in installing a safer walkway and driveway from the parking lot to the overflow parking lot, adding sidewalks, handicapped accessible ramps, etc.

The construction is now completed and open. Enter Blank Park Zoo one block north of the previous entrance.

Down the road, the Zoo’s main parking lot will also be reconfigured to help more cars and be safer for visitors.


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