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 Be a part of the Conservation Marketplace at ZACC 2013!

Back by popular demand, this year's conference will include the Conservation Marketplace.  If your field project works with the local community by selling their handicrafts and other sustainable products, we want you!  This will be an amazing opportunity to highlight both your project and products!  Many conference attendees will be looking for that unique souvenir and attending zoo representatives may be looking for items to sell in their gift shops!
Here is a testimonial from a previous Marketplace participant; the Snow Leopard Trust: "The Snow Leopard Trust has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Marketplace in the past!  The Marketplace at ZACC is always lively and inspiring.  It is a great place to connect with other colleagues and vendors and talk more in depth about your merchandise and programs!"

List of Vendors

Ruaha Carnivore Project  http://ruahacarnivoreproject.com/
Little Fireface Project  http://www.nocturama.org/
Africa Matters / Painted Dog Conservation   http://www.africamatters.org/index.htm
Chopsticks for Salamanders http://www.chopsticksforsalamanders.org/
Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust  http://www.ngambaisland.com/
Health in Harmony http://www.healthinharmony.org/
Snow Leopard Trust http://www.snowleopard.org/
Maliangin Island Community Association (MICA)
Lowland Tapir Consevation Initiative, IPÊ – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas www.tapirconservation.org.br; www.ipe.org.br
IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG) www.tapirs.org
Partners in Conservation  www.columbuszoo.org/pic
Conservation Fusion http://conservationfusion.org/
Cool Crafts
Action for Cheetahs http://www.actionforcheetahs.com/
Act for Great Apes http://actforgreatapes.org/act.html
Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership http://www.madagascarpartnership.org/home/donations_gift_shop

Vendors are expected to staff their own table during the conference. If you need assistance staffing your table, Blank Park Zoo can provide you with limited support from our volunteers. This must be arranged in advance with Jessie Lowry. Email Jessie at jrlowry@blankparkzoo.org for details.

Space is limited and applicants will be chosen through an application process.  Please fill out the application form at the link below and send to jrlowry@blankparkzoo.net

Click Here for the Conservation Marketplace Application!


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