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2013 ZACC List of Presentations


List of Presentations

The Little Fireface Project: using media to save the slow loris locally and globally - Anna Nekaris, E.J. Rode, Oxford Brookes University

Building a culture of conservation at the Denver zoo: involving staff in field conservation - Richard Reading, Amy Levine, Matt Herbert & Erin Stotz, Denver Zoo

The role of zoos in the conservation of the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey in northern Vietnam - Herbert Covert, Le Khac Quyet, Amy Harrison-Levine University of Colorado, Boulder

Flying with the northern Bald Ibis: the adventure story of a conservation project - Regina Pfistermuller, Zoo Vienna

Little Zoo: Big Commitment - Jessie Lowry, Blank Park Zoo

Working with local stakeholders to develop a model protected area in Mongolia - Richard Reading, Ganchimeg Wingard & Erin Stotz, Denver Zoo

Developing a conservation program during a recession - Liz Larsen, Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Spears, cell phones & conservation: reducing human-carnivore conflict in Tanzania’s Ruaha landscape - Amy Dickman, Ruaha Carnivore Project, Tanzania

Kinabatangan River Spirit: contributing to freshwater conservation & sustainable livelihoods in northern Borneo - Tun-Min Poh, Kinabatangan River Spirit Initiative

Using unmanned aerial vehicles for conservation - Serge Wich & Lian Pin Koh, Liverpool John Moores University

Studying a living fossil: conservation & ecology of the Giant armadillo in the Brazilian Pantanal - Arnaud Desbiez & Danilo Kluyber, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) & Institute for Ecological Research (IPE)

Building relationships beyond dollars to advance conservation - Claire Martin, Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Oh look- it’s an elephant! - Dr. Maggie Esson, Chester Zoo, North of England Zoological Society

The Kasiisi Project: encouraging environmental stewardship in Uganda’s next generation - Elizabeth Ross, Ph.D. & Sonya Kahlenberg, Ph.D., The Kasiisi Project

Conservation Fusion: creating diverse partnerships to help endangered species: a ZACC inspired story of success - Susie McGuire, Conservation Fusion

Ranging patterns of elephant bull in agro-industrial landscape: implications for conserving the species in the lower Kinabatangan floodplain - Nurzhafarina Othman, Marc Ancrenaz, Benoit Goossens, Danau Girang Field Centre, HUTAN

The Kibale eco-char initiative: partnering with agricultural communities & industry to safeguard wildlife habitat in Uganda - Rebecca Goldstone & Michael Stern, New Nature Foundation

From orphanage to freedom: the road to rehabilitating confiscated wildlife in Peten, Guatemala - Alejandro Morales, Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association ( ARCAS), Guatemala

Zoo Wild: Rotterdam Zoo’s Conservation Festival - Angela Glatston, Rotterdam Zoo

Developing an Experimental methodology for testing the effectiveness of payment for ecosystem services to enhance conservation in productive landscapes in Uganda - Lilly Ajarova, Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust(CSWCT), Uganda

Act for Wildlife: Increasing the ability to promote conservation activities, influence behaviour change and encourage fundraising for field conservation - Catherine Barton, Chester Zoo

A new approach to conservation education films - Michelle Slavin, Richard Bergl, John Tinka North Carolina Zoo

Value-based conservation dialogues: How asking the right question can lead to success - Chris Overdorf, ASLA

Our Partnerships with Zoos to Save the Sloth Bears of India - Nikki Sharp, Wildlife SOS, India

What do AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums contribute to conservation? - Shelly Grow, Senior Conservation Biologist, Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Debborah Colbert, Ph.D., Vice President, Conservation & Science, AZA, Paul Boyle, Ph.D., Senior V.P, Conservation & Education, AZA

Zoos and Aquariums committed to saving species extinct in the wild - Markus Gusset, World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA)

Combating the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam - Quyen Vu, Director of Education for Nature, Vietnam

“Funding,” “Doing,” and “Making Connections” - Kristen Lukas & Kym Gopp, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo & Cleveland Zoological Society’s Conservation Program

Direct links between field projects and the zoo: a model for enhancing conservation success - Richard Bergl, PhD, North Carolina Zoo

Wildlife Conservation through education and participation
- Amy Reaume, Brevard Zoo

Andean Bear Conservation Alliance: from a dream to a reality - Isaac Goldstein, Wildlife Conservation Society & Kym Gopp, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Rescue, rehabilitation, reintroduction and education outreach - an integrated approach to Bonobo (Pan paniscus) conservation in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Claudine Andre & Lisa Pharoah, Friends of Bonobos, DRC

Two Foundations that support species conservation - Bill Konstant, Margot Marsh, Biodiversity Foundation

One Million Dollars, One Year, One Big Idea – Quarters for Conservation - Della Garelle, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Where should we go to find great seafood? Supporting marine conservation by empowering the public to make choices for a healthy ocean - Maggie Ostdahl, Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Rebuilding islands in the Chesapeake Bay: Unique partnerships in environmental restoration of important habitats - Laura Bankey & Charmaine Dahlenburg, National Aquarium

From Virginia to Borneo: Following a signature species (Tomistoma schlegelii) into field conservation opportunities - Mark Swingle, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center & Rob Stuebing, Indonesia Foundation for Equatorial Conservation (YASIWA)

Changing Hearts, Minds and ultimately Behaviors: formulating community engagement with youth volunteers - Jennifer Whitener, Oregon Zoo - Anne Warner, Conservation Strategies

Building bridges across sectors - Bengt Holst, Copenhagen Zoo

Red Panda Community Based Monitoring & Conservation - Dirk Kloss, Red Panda Network, Nicki Boyd, Red Panda Network and San Diego Zoo

Amur Tigers in Russia: Adapting Conservation Strategies to Meet Evolving Needs - Jonathan Slaght & Dale Miquelle Wildlife Conservation Society, Russia

Club de Protectores de Anfibios Amazonicos (Amazon Amphibian Protectors Club) - Marcy Sieggreen, Detroit Zoological Society

Incentivizing community-based reforestation efforts in Madagascar - Edward E.Louis Jr., DVM, Ph.D., Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

The Role of Tibetan Monks in Conserving China’s Snow Leopards – Tom McCarthy, Panthera & Li Juan, Peking University/Snow Leopard Trust

Fundación Temaikèn`s Endangered Species Conservation Program - Paula Gonzalez Ciccia & Carina Righi, Fundación Temaikèn 

Innovative Fundraisers - Beth Armstrong, Conservation Consult, Conservation Initiatives

Animals in the media: how to get your conservation stories told right - Jeremy Hance, Mongabay

Long-distance love story: from the Prairie to the Rainforest - Susan Lutter, Act for Great Apes

Round-table Discussions: Tuesday & Zoo Day
How do we (or should we) communicate the sometimes “ugly” side of conservation? -Kym Gopp, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Quarters for Conservation
- Della Garelle, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo 

Creating educational materials for in situ projects – what works & what doesn’t?
- Beth Armstrong, Conservation Consult, Conservation Initiatives, Anne Warner, Conservation and Education Consultant, Conservation Strategies

Promoting Dialogue, Understanding, and Collaboration: A Roundtable Discussion on Primate Education - RSVP HERE -
Amy Clanin, Founder & Executive Director, Primate Education Network

Lobos, Zoos, and Political Advocacy, A robust discussion of the role and potential role for zoos and zoo professionals as political advocates for wildlife, with Mexican wolf recovery as a case study
- Eva Sargent, PhD

Executing an impact focused strategy on stopping the illegal wildlife trade - Quyen Vu, Director of Education for Nature, Vietnam

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