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2013 ZACC List of Posters


 List of Posters

Resource Management and Livelihood Programme In Maliangin Sanctuary, within the proposed Tun Mustapha Park - Aziz Amirbangsah*, Poh Tun Min, Sofia Johari, *Maliangin Island Community Association, Kudat, Malaysia 

The Photo Ark - Joel Sartore, National Geographic

From New Distribution Record To Radio Telemetry: A Journey Towards Rusty Spotted Cat’s Elusive and Secretive Ecology - Kunal Patel, Aranya (save the Rusty spotted cat initiative), India.
Lion Fun Days: Where Wildlife Unites Communities in Mozambique and Houston - Angie Pyle,  Renee Bumpus - Houston Zoo

Tapir`s Conservation project: Integrating the community in Tapirus terrestris conservation in the north of Argentina - Paula Gonzalez Ciccia & Nicolás Barretto, Fundación Temaikèn

Captive Breeding of Desert Pupfish Cyprinodon macularius - Lori Boatwright, Landry's Downtown Aquarium Denver

US Zoo Staff Participating in Flamingo Conservation Efforts in Yucatan, Mexico - John Krogmeier, - Blank Park Zoo

Conservation of North African Ostrich in Niger - Thomas Rabeil1, John Newby1, Bill Houston2, Peter Black3, Sara Hallager4, Mike Mace5, Ron Surratt6 & Scott Tidmus7 -Sahara Conservation Fund (1), Saint Louis Zoo (2), Busch Gardens (3), National Zoological Park (4), San Diego Wild Animal Park (5), Fort Worth Zoo (6), Disney's Animal Kingdom (7)

Successful Repatriation of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in Rochester's EPA Area of Concern - Robin English, A.S., LVT, Dr. Jeff Wyatt, DVM, Dr. Louis DiVincenti, DVM, Dr. Dawn Dittman - Seneca Park Zoo

Project Batagur baska – a terrapin is fighting for survival - Weissenbacher A., Praschag P., Ghosh R., Pfistermüller R. -Zoo Vienna

A Conservation Partnership: The Blank Park Zoo, Iowa DNR, and Greater Prairie Chickens - Kevin Drees (BPZ) and Stephanie Shepard (IDNR), Blank Park Zoo

Helping People Help Animals: Denver Zoo Conservation Education and Outreach around the World - Erin Stotz, Amy Masching and Matt Herbert, Denver Zoological Foundation

Don’t be a shellfish! Working with the community to restore oysters one reef at a time - Jody Palmer, Brevard Zoo

Citizen science supporting Andean bear conservation in the tropical dry forest of northwest Peru - Russ Van Horn, Robyn Appleton, Samantha Young, Jessica Amanzo, James Danoff-Burg, Ron Swaisgood - Van Horn, Young, Danoff-Burg, and Swaisgood: San Diego Zoo Institution for Conservation Research, Appleton and Amanzo: Spectacled Bear Conservation Society

Conservation of the addax and Dama gazelle in the Termit and Tin Toumma National Nature Reserve, Niger - Thomas Rabeil, Tim Wacher, John Newby, Sahara Conservation Fund (Rabeil, Newby), Zoological Society of London (Wacher)

A holistic embrace of our conservation projects - Oakland Zoo, Amy Gotliffe

Uniting for a healthy future: when children, clinics and conservation grow from the ground up - Alam Sehat Lestari (ASRI), Etty Rahmawati - Health in Harmony

Ensuring the future for the Lake Titcaca frog: Denver Zoo conservation leadership in action - Denver Zoo, Matthew T. Herbert, Dr. Roberto Elias, Thomas J. Weaver, James R. Garcia and Dr. Richard R.

The tiger conservation campaign; connecting zoos to in -situ tiger conservation - Minnesota Zoo, Dr. Tara Harris

PASA conservation: battling illegal trade, empowering communities to protect primates, and fostering Africa’s next generation of conservationists - PASA, Julie Sherman

Gishwati- How conservation of forest fragments combines biodiversity conservation with sustainable futures for people - Madeleine Nyiratuza, Dr. Benjamin Beck, Dr. Rebecca Chancellor, Dr. Aaron Rundus, Dr. Keith Summerville, Dr. Michael Renner, Sylvain Nyandwi, Peter Clay

Building the connection between zoos and the black footed ferret recovery efforts - Lincoln Park Zoo, R.M. Santymire, D. Garelle, J. Luyster and P. Marinari
Tapirs helping tapirs: creating awareness for tapirs in Brazil - Houston Zoo/IPE - Patrícia Medici and Amanda Daly

Supporting the conservation of Andean bears in the tropical dry forest of northwest Peru by connecting local citizens to their backyard - Samantha Young, Robyn Appleton, Jessica Appleton, Corrin LaCombe, James Danoff-Burg, Young, LaCombe, Danoff-Burg: San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, Appleton, Appleton: Spectacled Bear Conservation Society

Evaluating The Impact of Conservation and Health Education Bordering Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park - Art of Conservation , Julie Ghrist, Founder and Program Director, Martha Petre Parker, AoC Board Member and Conservation Education Coordinator at Houston Zoo, Inc.

Connecting zoo’s conservation programs with professionals and students in the graphic design community - Houston Zoo, Kristen Ufer

Animal Cognition as a Factor in Crop-Raiding at Gishwati Forest, Rwanda, Drake University - Michael J. Renner, Keith S. Summerville, Danielle M. Hefferan, and Breanna J. Hess

Osununú Reserve, Argentina - Maria Paula Bertolini & Carina Righi

The CMP Planning Process: Linking Livelihoods with Conservation - Mary Wykstra, Action for Cheetahs in Kenya

The involvement of zoos in the reintroduction of the critically endangered Delacour's langur (Trachypithecus delacouri) -  Tilo Nadler, Frankfurt Zoological Society - Endangered Primate Rescue Center, Vietnam

Zoo Funded Community-based In Situ Conservation of Critically Endangered Primates in Northern Vietnam - Dr. Ulrike Streicher & Brian Crudge, Fauna & Flora International, Vietnam Primate Conservation Programme

Drink a Beer, Save a butterfly! - Erin Sullivan, Woodland Park Zoo

Black gold - using cat scat in cheetah conservation - Dr. Anne Schmidt-Küntzel, Dr. Laurie Marker, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia

Rally Parlama as an educational tool to save marine turtles in Guatemala - Miriam Monterroso, Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (ARCAS) 

People Recognize Exotic Endangered Species Over Local Endangered Species, Even in the Biodiversity Hotspot of Coastal Southern California - Corrin La Combe, MSc, James Danoff-Burg, PhD, Kimberly Kutina, BA, Maggie Reinbold, MS



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