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Members Wild Card

The Members Wild Card is back!

At Members Night, we’ll be bringing back the Wild Card again this year! The Wild Card, available all summer long, is yours to take along with you as you Do the Zoo this summer. Get your card stamped with each train ride, giraffe feeding, gift shop purchase and more. Once your Wild Card is completed, turn it into admissions for prizes! We’ll draw winners each month.

For each Wild Card you turn in, you’ll receive one free train pass and your child can pick a special prize out of our treasure chest of toys!

And, for each card you turn in, you’ll be entered to win from a monthly drawing of a free Zoo membership renewal and special sponsor prizes! Sponsors include:

Orange Leaf
Carmike Cinemas
Iowa Cubs
Pagliai's Pizza
Noodles and Company
Chuck E Cheese
Fleur Cinemas
Fridley Theatres (Copper Creek)

The more Wild Cards you complete and return to admissions, the better your chances of winning our prize drawings for each month May through September.

Choose your adventure and the activities you complete – make sure you pick up and fill out your Wild Card when you Do the Zoo this summer!

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