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Previous Wildlife Conservation Speakers

With the Zoo’s exhibit – Jamaa Kwa ‘Connection to’ Africa – opening in 2013, each evening featured a speaker focused on the conservation of a majestic African animal.  Below you can information about each speaker and links to the causes that they support.


John Lukas
Active in international conservation, John Lukas is the president of White Oak Conservation Center, Inc. which raises funds for conservation projects, including a project in the rain forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This project protects the wild population of okapi by supporting rangers and assisting local communities.  -




Dr. Amy Dickman
Dr. Dickman is the Kaplan Senior Research Fellow in Felid Conservation at Oxford University, and has over 15 years of experience working on large carnivores in Africa, specializing in big cats. In 2011, she was awarded the Rabinowitz-Kaplan Prize for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation.  -




Bill Konstant

Bill Konstant is the Program Officer for the International Rhino Foundation and has held positions with the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Preservation Trust International and Conservation International, and has helped establish endangered species conservation programs at the Philadelphia Zoo and Houston Zoo.  -


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