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Registrant Garden Name Photo
Kim Allen Small Places Pretty
Sara Anderson Anderson's
Eric Armbrecht The Homestead
Matt Baumann Baumann Prairie Garden
Karen & Bob Berger Mrs. B's B & B
Cheryl Berry Dragons and Butterflies
Blank Park Zoo Blank Park Zoo Entrance Garden
Blank Park Zoo Blank Park Zoo Butterfly Garden
Bill and Dianne Blankenship Great Plains Loess Hills Xeric Garden

Meghan Bohn, Katie Carlson,
AlyssaBrienen, Doug Holmes,
Jessica Slater

Peoria Zoo BEEP Garden
Bri Brewster Brewster's Bee Haven
 Jessie Brown The Little Prairie Patch
Mike and Jess Brown Let it Rain
Wendy Caldwell Community Connections Garden
Dawn Carnes Carnes Funny Farm
Jennifer Claiser Pollinators Unite
Crestview Terrace Residents Butterfly Garden Party
Dan Daly Daly Gardens
Davis County
Master Gardners
Davis County 
‚ÄčMaster Gardners
The DeGroote's Pollination Station
Dan & Brenda Dodge Dodge's Back 40
Ron Duncan Duncan Prairie
Chris & Chance Eckles EvelynRose Garden
Victoria Epping Anuck's Nest
Teddy & Josie Fichtner Pollen Paradise
Friends of the Garden Butterfly Garden
Beverly Frye BJ's Butterfly Garden
Michaela Hixenbaugh The Hixenbee Garden

Lucy Hershberger
Forever Green Inc.

Growing Green
Denise Heyer Backyard Bliss
Richard Hoffmann Hoffmann's Haven
Merry J. Houser Merry's Jardin Heaven
Margo Hutcheson Bird Song Garden of Eden
Mary Jack Beckoning Blooms and Bees
Kelly & Libby Jensen Jensen Flyway
Brock Johnston Johnston Family Gardens

Sara Kain, Adam Crane,
Rachel Diver

Buzzy Bee Gardens
Lora Kanning Cold Springs Butterfly Garden

Linda, Brian, Audrey,
and Lillian Keairns

Marilyn Kempnich Marilyn's Haven
Jean Krewson The Krewson Near-Prairie
Heidi Kroner Heidi's Bee & Butterfly Spa
Garry Kwist House
Dave and Janet Luedtke Sanctuary
Kelli Lydon Pollinators' Dew Drop Inn
Teresa Marlow Tee Time Garden
Karen Mattiussi Weed Patch
Marc, Danielle & Jordan
Jordan's Butterfly-tastic Garden
John and Gail McMahon Bumpa's Bugs & Blooms
The Mondloch Family Pollinator Pit Stop
Museum of Danish America Jens Jensen Prairie Landscape Park
Gary & Marlene Olson Ole's Oasis
Bethany Ogle Mystery Garden
Christine Page Page Park
Parks Area Foundation
Kathleen Ziemer
PAF Butterfly Garden
Troy & Katie Pearce Marah's Marvelous Garden
Ronda Pedersen Happiness

Polk County Master 
Gardeners at Enabling Garden

Enabling Garden
C.A. Quinn C/R Habitat

Marshall, Amanda, Michaela,
Kara & Troy Ramsey

Midwestern Majestic Beauties
Eileen M. Robb Asters for Crescents
Amy Sawyers Bonsai Betty's Butterfly Bar
Joe and Lori Snyder Pollinator Paradise!
Lisa Soldat Bob's Garden
Chris & Julie Spicer Spicer Gardens

Lorri, John, Tavia &
Lydia Swarney

North Court Butterfly Shire
Alyssa Tadlock Life's Echo Garden
Penny Thomsen Penny's Painted Lady Garden
Gail Turner GT's B & B Haven
U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
Karen Viste-Sparkman Hillcrest Oaks
Bob, Megan, Aiden and Cora Volp Rock the Prairie
Beth Wall Betsy Bee's Garden
Jean Walker Walker's Wonders
Kaiden Walpole
Petra Lange
Steve and Patty Weeks Weeks' Restored Prairie
Char & Earl Weisenhorn White Pole Prairie
Vickie Wheeler Victoria's Garden
Linda Wild The Wild Chicken
Linda Wilkinson Hope
Paula Winslow Peace in my Garden
Tom Wissler Nevada Kiwanis Butterfly Garden
Wyatt, Abby, Griffin & Sam Monarch Meadows
Tammy Yoder Ivy's Angel Wings
Kathleen & Doug Ziemer ButterfliZ of Iowa

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