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Registrant Garden Name Photo
Michael Addison Homestead
Ken Agey Agey
Dixie Ahrenkiel Dixie Dawn's Sunrise Cafe
Angela Akers Bearakers
Peg Akers Grandma Peg's Pollinator Pantry
Josh Allen Butterfly De-pot
Katie Allen Katie's Pollinator Kitchen
Kim Allen Small Places Pretty
Sharon Allen Parker's Patch
Anderson Camp
Amber Anderson Mba Musical Mud
Dana & Amy Anderson Sorensen A Small, Good Thing
Heidi Anderson Anderson Rain Garden
Jana Anderson Jardine
Sara Anderson Anderson's
Eric Armbrecht The Homestead
Colleen Armstrong CMABees
Cora Arnburg Flutterfly Gardens
Alice and Ken Atkinson Our Garden
Azalea Festival Association Gardens at Woodfield
Elonda Bacon Bacon's Beauties
Bonnie Baldus Happy Hen Wildlife Gardens
Dan & Shelly Barker Little Spot of Heaven
Rodney & Kelly Barnett Barnett BBB Heaven
Holly and Brett
Barnhart and Family
Butterfly Boulevard
Shelley Barron Skycutter
Margaret Bassford The Butterfly Patch
Cheryl Basso Mariposa Haven
Matt Baumann Baumann Prairie Garden
Rebekah Beall Prairie Postage Stamp
Carl Becicka Butterfly Bonanza
Benton County Conservation Going Wild
Karen & Bob Berger Mrs. B's B & B
Cheryl Berry Dragons and Butterflies
Bevington Garden Club The Bevington Bee
And Butterfly Garden
Blank Park Zoo Blank Park Zoo Entrance Garden
Blank Park Zoo Blank Park Zoo Butterfly Garden
Bill and Dianne Blankenship Great Plains Loess Hills Xeric Garden
Jeanne Bockholt North Forty Flyway

Meghan Bohn, Katie Carlson,
AlyssaBrienen, Doug Holmes,
Jessica Slater

Peoria Zoo BEEP Garden
Vonda Bone "Bee"stll My Heart
Nan Bonfils and Don Adams Centering Porch
Boone Wildlife Research Station Prairie on the Ledge
Jean Boston ALL STARS
Joan Bowen Earl's Eden
Joe Boyles The Back 40 Buffet
Joe Boyles The Ditch Diner
Diane Bracken Watch Your Step
Dave, Billi, and Harrison Brahn Harry's Appys
Juliene Bramer Bramer Prairie
Ernie and Jane Brees Brees' Garden
The Brennan Family Pollinator's Paradise
Brentwood Garden Club Brentwood Quad
Adam and Bri Brewster Petite Papillon Prairie
Bri Brewster Brewster's Bee Haven
Tim Broer Butterfly Acres
James and Tracy Brooks JT's Backyard Butterfly Beenanza
 Jessie Brown The Little Prairie Patch
Mike and Jess Brown Let it Rain

Buchanan County
Conservation Board

Monarch Waystation
Buchanan County Tourism Trains
Karen Burgus Butterfly Boutique
Cindy Burke Kindred Spirits Gardens
Gary and Cheryl Burrows Butterfly Garden
Eric & Rene Byrd Byrd Haven
Sondra Cabell Fontana Cabins Prairie
Sondra Cabell Fontana Monarch Waystation
Sondra Cabell Ham Marsh Prairie
Sondra Cabell Sondra's Rain Garden
Sondra Cabell Trailside Prairie
Wendy Caldwell Community Connections Garden
Patsy Carlson
Saints' John and Paul Catholic Church
The Francis Garden
Dawn Carnes Carnes Funny Farm
Sherry Carter Sherry Carter
Julian Casseli Polinator Apartments
Sally Browne and Donna Davis, Co-Chairs, Cedar Valley Unitarian-Universalists Green Living Committee Native Plants Pollinator Garden
Joel and Rebecca Champlin Monarch Magic
City of Sioux City Prairie Park
Angela Claeys & Lauren Claeys Fluffy's Acre
Jennifer Claiser Pollinators Unite
Anne Clark Bzzzzzzzzzzz
Brenda Clausman Brenda and Nick's Park-like Setting
Sharon Cline Jenny's BNB
Micki Cohen East/West Elementary
Prairies to Schools
Micki Cohen East/West Elementary Wetland
Holly Collins Balmy Rain Garden
Mary Corman Flowers For Fun
Amanda Corrigan Pollinator Paradise
David and Frédérique
29th St. Chicken Romp
Shirley Couvillion Memories of Joy
Dee Cowman Dee's Wildflower Heaven
Jack & Robin Crabb Th Crabb's Bees
Jolene Crafton Dizzy Garden
Crestview Terrace Residents Butterfly Garden Party
Ruth Criger Criger's Urban Oasis
Linnea Crowther Gus' Garden
Dan Daly Daly Gardens
Margaret Damge Damge Farm
Davis County
Master Gardners
Davis County 
‚ÄčMaster Gardners
Jennifer Davis Rock'n Butterfly Garden
Peggy D Deaton Deaton Acres
The DeGroote's Pollination Station
Jacklyn Delagardelle Bug & Bee
Peggy Delzell Peg's Hot Spot
Carol deProsse Pesticide Free for Bees and Thee
Zach DeYoung Zach's UnBEElievable Native Planting
Caroline Dieterle Organic Oasis
Sandy Dixon NA
DMACC West Campus DMACC West Campus
Dan & Brenda Dodge Dodge's Back 40
Susan J. Doidge my garden
Rhonda Drey Early Rising Garden
Ron Duncan Duncan Prairie
Pam Dye and Traci Dye Dye's Plant.Grow.Fly
Traci Dye Maisammy's Solace
East Elementary School School Garden
Chris & Chance Eckles EvelynRose Garden
Mara Egherman Egherman Yard
Bruce and Marlene Ehresman Lily's Prairie
Bruce Ellison Angies Butterfly Bonanza
Ed Engle Eclectic Engle
Victoria Epping Anuck's Nest
Chelsea Ewen The Naturalist's Native Nectary
Mollie, Jeff, Cael,
Colby, and Calla Fahrmann
Plant Paradise
Farmers & Merchants St Bank $WEET CENT$
Fred Farnsworthy Faithfull Remnants
Dr. Jim Faust Spiritual Journey
Pat Fencl Longview
Teddy & Josie Fichtner Pollen Paradise
Yvonne Fielder DMACC Wings
Theresa & Roger Finken Flutter By Butterfly
Cy & Charley's Firestone Cy & Charley's Rain Garden
Lori Foresman-Kirpes The Evolving Landscape
Nancy Forrest Sand Creek Prairie and Savanna
Amy Foster First Rain Garden
Gwen & Martin Foster Flutterby Cafe
Nancy Franz S side beetiful!
Molly Ronnie Haven Lakota Free the free tribe garden
Kent & Edie Freise The 1911 Courtyard

Paul, Heather, Garrison,
& Justus Frese

Heather's Happy Hollow
Friends of the Garden Butterfly Garden
Lucille Henry Friendship Garden
Beverly Frye BJ's Butterfly Garden
Larry & Patty Fudge Patty's Pollinators Pit Stop
Tami Fulton The Jay Net
Kelly Garrett Kelly's garden
Charlene Gates Grandma's Hidden Haven
Megan & Kelley Gates Gates Garden
Michael Gaunt, Donna Gaunt Jardin Fou
Diane Gilloon Butterfly Garden
Bethany Glosser & Jenna Glosser Buzzy Flutter-by Garden
Ashley Goebel Ashley's Blooming Beauties
Julie Gonzalez Blue Hen Farms
Mark & Marilyn Goodhue MmMmGOOD
Shari Grace Shari's Flutterby
Paul & Dorothy Gray Gray Oaks
Carlin, Cindy, Sharon BPZ Feeding Station

Gregg Gustafson &
Peg Armstrong-Gustafson

Crooked Oaks Ornamental Garden
Richard & Patricia Hager Ms. Pitty Pat's Pollinator Patch
Avery Haines My 2 Monarch Gardens
Ruth Hamilton Butterfly Garden
Mary Beth Hanlin Home
Molly Hanson Dr. Pammel's Pollinator Garden
Jeanette Hario Jeanette's Pollinator Jungle
Gary and Juanita Harkin nana & papa's garden
Jane Harman Bee Jane's Joy
Nora and Liz Harris The Beautiful, Amazing Fairy Butterfly Garden
Hau Farms Inc. The Beez & Butterflyz Garden
Denise Hawker Hoegaarden!
Denise Hawker Riverview Garden
Hearst Center for the Arts Meryl's Flutter Inn
Sue Henze Woods Edge Garden

Lucy Hershberger
Forever Green Inc.

Growing Green
Jane Hey Pollinator B & B
Denise Heyer Backyard Bliss
Amy Hill Hill's Hacienda
Hillbilly Gardeners Garden Bed in Springfield Botanical Gardens Perennial Bed
Keiser, Mandi, Jack, and Charlie Hillman The Children's Garden
Linda Hinzman Hinzman's Haven
Michaela Hixenbaugh The Hixenbee Garden
Terrie Hoefer Escapes Are Allowed
Richard Hoffmann Hoffmann's Haven
Avis Holloway Cottage Garden
Merry J. Houser Merry's Jardin Heaven
Elaine Hughes Wapsi Wonder
Katie Hund Agnes' Cutting Garden
Katie Hund Mathilda's Oasis
Katie Hund Quasqueton Round Garden
Margo Hutcheson Bird Song Garden of Eden
Interstate 35 School I35 ACRES The Place to Bee
Joe Ira Margaux Hovda Bee Happy
Joe Ira Margaux Hovda Fernella's Butterfly Garden
Margaux Hovda Safe Haven
Eve Iversen Rainbow's End
Mary Jack Beckoning Blooms and Bees
Jackson County Conservation Hurstville Interpretive
Center's Pollinator Garden
Echo Jansen Hosta Happiness
Jefferson Elementary 5th grade Class, Ms. Martin, Mr. Kaas
& Mrs. Hubbard
Jefferson Jets
Kelly & Libby Jensen Jensen Flyway
Nadine Jessen Carroll DMACC Garden
Marilyn Johnson Century Farm Garden
Roslea Johnson Peru Quarry Prairie
Johnson County Conservation F.W. Kent Park
Brock Johnston Johnston Family Gardens
Sandra & Michael Johnston Monarch Waystation
Patricia Jones Isabellegrow

Sara Kain, Adam Crane,
Rachel Diver

Buzzy Bee Gardens
Lora Kanning Cold Springs Butterfly Garden

Linda, Brian, Audrey,
and Lillian Keairns

Mary C. Kelley Let's Eat!
Ronda Kelley Karen's Kindhearted Garden
Kevin Kelly - Michele Haas My BF Garden
Marilyn Kempnich Marilyn's Haven
Jim Kessler Grinnell Friends Church
Butterfly Garden
Kaylee Kleitsch The Kingdom
Janine Konstanzer GlideAire Acres
Clare & Charlie Kostelnick Timberlea Farm
Cathy Koster Butterfly bee & bee
Hazel L. Kout Blooming Plant Lady
Eric and Susan Kozak J&M Pollinator Pad
Jean Krewson The Krewson Near-Prairie
Linda Kromer Jamie Ross Will Ross Honey, Bee Suite
Heidi Kroner Heidi's Bee & Butterfly Spa
Jean Kuhl Cool Garden
Garry Kwist House
Ann Kynion Annie's Urban Garden
Bob La Follette Fairmount
J Lamb James Talbott Memorial Garden
Blair William Lawson Blair's Botanical
Marilyn Pilgrim Lawson Bee Happy for Buddy Holly

Jerilou Leeman &
Maddie Creme

M & J Herbal Essence
Terry Lewis Deborah Lewis White Oak Acres
Jocelyn, Bennelli, and 
Eleanor Lind
Windy Lindy's
Janine Linnenkamp Butterfly Garden
Sandy & Don Logemann Lucky L Farms
Jessie, Justin and Elena Lowry Elena's Butterfly Bed and Breakfast
Jessie, Justin and Elena Lowry Elena & Grandma's Pollinator's Pit Stop
Dave and Janet Luedtke Sanctuary
Kelli Lydon Pollinators' Dew Drop Inn
Carol MacDonald Old MacDonald's Urban Farm
Vicki MacLeod Hootie's Flight Path
Rex & Julie McClaflin Farmer's Daughter
Madison Co. NRCS The Wallflower Garden
Ronda Magnusson 3 B's (bees,butterflies, beautiful)
George & Carole Main Therapy Hill
Lewis Major & Andrea Quam Gus's Garden
Teresa Marlow Tee Time Garden
Frederick Martens Poverty Ridge Pollinator Farm
Karen Mattiussi Weed Patch
Carmen Maxwell Coyote Canyon Maxwell Prairie
Carmen Maxwell The Jungle
Michele McCarty & Wayne Shafer Native Beauty Garden
Lynn McConnell Blissful Acres
Jamie McDonald Flower Pot with a Purpose
Leilani and Mac McDonald Front Yard
Riley and Jill McDowell McDowell Prairie
Judy McGhee Judy's Beeutiful Joy!
Teri McIntire Butterfly Luxury Suites
Marc, Danielle & Jordan
Jordan's Butterfly-tastic Garden
Linda Mckenzie Monarch Mania
Lisa McKinney Pollinators Playground
Gail McLure Wistful Prairie
John and Gail McMahon Bumpa's Bugs & Blooms
Sally McMurry Pretty Posies
Joe and Jody Melcher Insect Haven
Jennifer Messer Beeyouteefull Gardens
Jennifer, Jeremy, Rowan and Cormac Meyer Can't eat the turf, plant food
Caden & Sophie Miller Riverside Butterfly Camp
Julie Miller Flying Juls
Mary and Levi Miller 2M Farms and Garden
Rhonda Miller
Iowa River Hospice
Iowa River Prairie
Mitchell County
Conservation Board
MCCB Pollinator Learning Garden
Lynette Mobley Garden of Weedin'
The Mondloch Family Pollinator Pit Stop
Marilyn Moon Bee Friendly
Ed Moran Orchard Estates
Jacob Mortensen
Gatha Mortensen
Mortensen Prairie
Mark & Cherryl Muffley Bee, butterfly & hummingbird corner
Tracy Mullins Tracy's Bee Cafe
Museum of Danish America Jens Jensen Prairie Landscape Park
Dawn Musgrove New Day Garden
Mary and RJ Musselman BuzzMuss
Bob Myers Myers's Prairie
Jeannine Naberhaus BeeEden
Elizabeth Nelson and
Richard Yoder
Brickhouse Acres
Phyllis Netzer The Garden of Weeden
Ann Newbury Ann's Oasis
Charles Nolte Hummingbird Haven
Ryan & Kara Norris Country Mile Home
David and Andrea Novak Miriam's Prairie
O'Brien County
Conservation Board
Prairie Heritage Center
Joe & Judy Olsen Red Setter Hill
Gary & Marlene Olson Ole's Oasis
Mark Olson Prairie Lore
Jodi Ogden Jodi's Pollinator Plaza!
Bethany Ogle Mystery Garden
Brad, Meg, Charles & Norah Norah's Nook
On With Life OWL's Nest
Iris Osborn Sunshine
Nichole Ose Ose Home for Wayward Pollinators
Shannon Owens Happiness Acres
Christine Page Page Park
Palo Alto County
Conservation Board
Lost Island Nature Center
Denise Parmley Milkweed Cafe
Parks Area Foundation
Kathleen Ziemer
PAF Butterfly Garden
Becky Parrish JB Ranch
Troy & Katie Pearce Marah's Marvelous Garden
Ronda Pedersen Happiness
Carlin Peer Payton Pollinating Station
Theresa Perry Little Garden on the Prairie
Anita, Brian, Paige
and Danielle Pesch
Monarch Monastery
Peterson Family J.I.G.S.
Melissa Peterson Flower Power Garden
Tammy Peterson Club Tropix
Beth Waage Patrice Petersen-Keys Caterpillar Cabin
Beth Waage Patrice Petersen-Keys Giant Butterfly Insect Hotel Garden
Beth Waage Patrice Petersen-Keys Jester Park Playscape
Heather and Dean Podlich Merindah
Susan Pohl Sassy
John Pohlman Improve the View

Polk County Master 
Gardeners at Enabling Garden

Enabling Garden
Tina Popson Foggy Bottom Prairie Garden
Tina Popson Hitchcock Nature Center
Tonja Porter Dew Drop Inn: All Critters Welcome
Gretchen Proksa Greywick Garden
Jill Pruetz Thistle Patch
Beth Pullan Bee Haven
C.A. Quinn C/R Habitat
Racine Zoological Gardens Metamorphosis Gardens
Carrie Radloff Better than Nothing!
Chris Radloff Happy Hippie Acres

Marshall, Amanda, Michaela,
Kara & Troy Ramsey

Midwestern Majestic Beauties
Darcie and Bill Randleman Big Inning Farms
Alan and Sally Rasmussen Serendipity Garden
Cathy Redmon South Garden
Angela Rehor GoodDaySunshine!
Jeff Reiland Abundant Design's Home Garden
RoxAnn Rhoads Roxies Retreat
Lynda Richards Lynda's Lookout
Ron and Jane Rider Jane's Garden
Brenda Ristvedt Grandmas Kingdom
Eileen M. Robb Asters for Crescents
Richard Roberts RRG
Stephanie Robson The Butterfly Garden
Rodgers Family Bella's Butterfly Bash
Mike & Carol Roland Mike's Folly
Jean Rouse Front Garden
Jean Rouse Wild Flower
Mike and Kim Routh Butterfly Garden
Shirley Rozendaal Mill Prairie Home
Shirley Rozendaal Roze Garden
Sarah and Scott Rummery Livhappley's Garden
Maria Rundquist Maria's square garden
Erik & Ryan Runquist Planting for Pollinators!
Machelle Sabin Rain Garden Pollination
Perry & Elaine Sampson Sampress Gardens
Marty Samuels Stepping Stones
Taryn Samuels Piece of Kountry
Colleen, Johnny, Ellen
and Claire Sattler
The Sattler Sensation Station
Laura Saunders Garrett's Garden
Amy Sawyers Bonsai Betty's Butterfly Bar
Shelley Schafer Flower NerdVana
Shelley Schafer, Denise Hawker, Cindy Walton, Jean Gillpatrick, JoAnn Crain, Kim Hansen Lee Mansion Garden
Ron & Larae Schelling Schellings Savana
Teresa Schulte Beetopia
Wanda Simpkins Ever Green
Jackie Schmitt & Steve Simpson S & S Sanctuary
Alice Schoebel
Timbavati Wildlife Park
Becky Schoonover Zena's Place
Sue and Steve Schuelke Gana
Pam Schwartz Brook Run Garden
Gail Schwartzkopf Pink Milky Way
Douglas A Seibold Nectur Haven
Laura Semken Backyard Bee Farm
Vickie Setterberg Pastel Garden
Sara Siebert and Eric McCabe Anna Teshak
Dick & Diana Sloan Whimsy in Paradise
Carol Smith God's Paradise
Casey Smith & Eric Burmeister Pollinators Potluck-Lutheran Style
Lindy Smith Tripper's Retreat
David Smock Buzzin' Garden
Mark and Cindy Snell Echo Ridge Farm Garden
Joe and Lori Snyder Pollinator Paradise!
Virginia Soelberg Bees a Buzzin
Lisa Soldat Bob's Garden
Kelly and Rom Souza

Herman's Hideout
and Herman's Hangout

Skip and Patty Spence Hill Top Gardens
Chris & Julie Spicer Spicer Gardens
Joe Spiess Spiess's Bee Stop
Barb and Jeff Stagg Honeyland
Aaron Steil, Aaron Todd Aaron Estates
Carol Stephenson Suzy's Flowers
M.E. Stilwell Stillwater Gardens
Carrie Stivers Bailey Just Bee Cause
Linda Stoeffler Little Bit of Paradise
Chris and Jill Strawhacker Jilly's Garden
Robert Stump Sanda’s Garden
Sarah Subbert Mechanicsville School Prairie
John Swanson / Polk SWCD BEEautiful Habitat
John Swanson The Pollen Post

Lorri, John, Tavia &
Lydia Swarney

North Court Butterfly Shire
Charlene Swarts Char's Gardens
Alyssa Tadlock Life's Echo Garden
Carl Tarantino Easter Lake Pollination
Mary Techau Wings' Delight
Teresa Testroet ILVFLOTS
Joyce E.Thomas Random Wonders
Becky Thompson Zoey's Retreat
Royce and Sue Thompson Thompson Prairie
Shawna and Peyton Thompson Bug Palace
Penny Thomsen Penny's Painted Lady Garden
Luan Torrey MeMe's Butterfly Bombardment
Connie Turner Turner's Flower Refuge
Gail Turner GT's B & B Haven
Tammy Turner Munchies for Monarchs
US Army Corps of Engineers-Saylorville Lake Saylorville Lake Butterfly Garden
U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge
Vance & Hochstetler PC Flower Pot with a Purpose
David Vanderlinden Fertilized by Jiffy
Bonnie and Allison VanEllen Super Fantastic Butterfly Friendly
Megan & Alan VanGundy Camp VanGundy
Liberty V Flawless bees
Jon & Margaret Vernon Home, Sweet________
Gina Vinsand Natives
Karen Viste-Sparkman Hillcrest Oaks
Cam, Saylor, Sienna,
and Chance Vodraska
Vodraska's Jardin de Papillons
Jen Vogel Papillon Patch
Bob, Megan, Aiden and Cora Volp Rock the Prairie
Beth Waage Buzzing Right Along!
Ben & Jess Wagner Wagner Pollinator Garden
Beth Wall Betsy Bee's Garden
Shirley Wallace Kylie's Butterfly Garden
Teresa Wallace Love it!
Jean Walker Walker's Wonders
Kristina Walkup Walkup Garden
Tom Walker Maria Snyder Pella Home Prairie
Kaiden Walpole
Petra Lange
Patty Weeks Patty's Polinator Park
Steve and Patty Weeks Weeks' Restored Prairie
Mary Lou Weepie My Pleasure
Margaret and Jerry Weiner Taste&See
Char & Earl Weisenhorn White Pole Prairie
Jennifer Welch Driveway Prairie
Jennifer Welch North Prairie
Jennifer Welch Native Swale
Jennifer Welch Patio Garden
Jennifer Welch Prairie Circle
Jennifer Welch Totem Prairie
Jennifer Welch Triangle Prairie
Matthew and Valarie Wellendorf Barb's Butterfly Garden
The Welter Family The Social Butterfly
Wendt Family The Birds & The Bees
Patricia West The Milky Way
Raona West Going to Gram's
Anita Westphal Pollinator-polooza
Westwood Neighborhood
Westwood Corner Garden
Vickie Wheeler Victoria's Garden
Sheila A. White Serenity
Diane Whitson S. 10th St. Flower Garden
Elizabeth Wingert The Brenton Arboretum
Linda Wild The Wild Chicken
Leslie Wilde Leslie's Pollinator Garden
Linda Wilkinson Hope
The Willefords Endor
Carol Williams Bumblers Abode
Lee Williams
Pat Hill
Birdland Meadow
Patti Williamson PJs Wildflowers
Tom & Camilla Williamson Marble Orchard Garden
Dr. Paula Willis Paula's Planted Place
Bob Wilson Randy Wilson Wilson Gardens
Windsor Heights
Lutheran Church
Caring for Creation
Paula Winslow Peace in my Garden
Charles & Gretel Winterwood Sidewalk Prairie
Tom Wissler Nevada Kiwanis Butterfly Garden
Woodlands Creek Active Retirement
Community, Silvercrest Residents
Woodlands Creek "Flutterby" Garden
David Woods Dave's Flowerama
Nancy Woods Nancy's Heaven
Andrew and Denise Worsfold Worsfold Garden
Sara Ann Wright Walnut Glen
Wyatt, Abby, Griffin & Sam Monarch Meadows
Teddi Yaeger & William Moody The Moody Garden
Tammy Yoder Ivy's Angel Wings
Natalie Young New Creations
Bill & Dotty Zales Prairie Hills
Elisa Zappacosta Pollinator Palace
Kathleen & Doug Ziemer ButterfliZ of Iowa

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